Wonderful little wife

Ok so I have posted hear befor how I want and wish I could share my wife. But I have tried all the comments suggestions and I am still not gaining And have decided to give up on that for awial. I did figure out that during forplay she does like to feel stretched out some, as I finger her she will ask for more and harder. but I messed up I think the other knight, I tried to post it but I had been drinking so it was probably to profane of something. So anyway we wear getting it on and I was fingering her with 2 and slipped the third in and about a minute later as I let her up for air From kissing she told me to put another one in. so I now had all 4 fingers sliding in and out and that’s a lot for her very small normally tight pussy but she was extremely wet and horny and I kept at it and she was about to cum. I could see and feel her bucking hard into my hand as she said, “ oh more , harder ,Finger me till I cum” . so I put my thumb down in my palm and cupped my fingers and slid my hand inside her as it went in it started tight and then slid right in but began to get tight again then I slid in deep like it was nothin and I pumped it in and out 2-3 times More. then as I slid out she clenched down and sat up grabbing my wrist and got totally pissed that I would try fisting her and kicked me out of bed ??? I would like to know what I did wrong I thought that was what she wanted and she was cumming on my hand why did she get so mad. if any women could tell me I would be great full

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  • I think that she doesn't want you to know that she has had very large objects inside her before. Previous boyfriends probably had their large cocks inside her.

  • I have asked her. I let her be a couple days and tried asking her about it but she just Said, “it’s not ok “and wouldn’t talk about it. I tried to talk to her about it again and she said “ I’m not talking about it you just shouldn’t want to do that to me “

  • Yeah, she can tell you. Ask her.

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