Bike Trouble and the Old Man

It happened one day as I was out riding my bike. My pants got caught up on my chain and it almost cased me to fall to the ground. In the process I bruised my leg pretty bad trying not to fall. I was trying to get loose when an older grandpa type gentlemen came to my rescue. He helped me get loose of the chain then took me to his house and bandaged my leg. He and i became friends and I would often visit him. I was really young when this happened.

Now i'll tell you why I like older men. He and I like I said became friends and one day as I was riding over to his house, I decided that I would give him a kiss for helping me even though a lot of time had passed since the accident. So when I arrived at his house, I went in and sat on the sofa. And as he was about to take a seat across from me I asked him to come and sit next to me. As we were seated I scooted closer to him and told him that I wanted to fully thank him for helping me and being my friend.

It took him by surprise when I put both hands on his face and held it as I kissed him on the lips. He told me that he liked that and so I did it again and laid my head on his chest. He moved to put an arm around me and I looked up at him and after a bit he moved my head to look up at him and slowly moved down to give me a longer kiss. This time I started to get an exciting feeling and I wanted to kiss him more and more. Somehow he managed to get me to open my mouth and it was then that I began to feel a tingling feeling in my pussy.

As we kissed his hands began to roam and I liked the feeling. We would often do this until one day we went further than we expected. He took my virginity and from then on he and I would get together to fuck. I tried boys later on but none could satisfy me like he did. So I decided to stay with old men because they knew how to fuck a pussy and leave a girl satisfied. I would get older men to notice me by letting my skirt or dress rise up and letting get a peek. Most would just look but I had a few of them that took the bait. And no I won't say how old I was when the accident happened. I was just young.



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