Jealous Mom

I never expected to do an older man but glad I did. He had a long lasting cock and a fantastic tongue. He had so much stamina that caused me to have orgasms over and over. I'm a small breasted good size young BBW compare to my mature big breasted mom who watches out for her body shape.
We met him at a bar and he seemed very interesting so my mom thinking she could get laid asked him over to the house. He was around mom's age maybe 20 yrs. older than me. He kept feeling my ass and put his arm around me as we walked to the house front door. Once inside I told my mom he was interested in me because he couldn't leave me alone with his hand. My mom went into the kitchen to get snacks. When she stepped out his hands was on my ass, pulling me into him. " You have a lovely daughter." he said to my mom as she set the snacks down. She loosened her top a bit so he can view her breasts.
We conversed for awhile and saw him expose his dick. My mom thought she interested him and unbuttoned her top. Instead he said to me, "Want to feel it my dear." My mom couldn't believe what just happened. "I'll feel it." said my mom. " No! I want your daughter to touch it!" he snapped back at her. My mom shrugged her shoulders and said, "What the fuck."
He walked up to me with his exposed dick and said, "Show me your tits." I looked at mom and she said, "Go ahead." I bared them to him and he said, "Lets go to the bedroom." We all went into the bedroom where he undressed and told me to get naked. Mom just stood there and watched us. She watched him eat me while he squeezed my nipples. Then she watched him rim my ass and slap it. He finally started to fuck me. He just kept fucking me. I rested my legs on his shoulders as he fucked me. He fucked and fucked. My mother was so turned on that she removed my dildo out of my night stand began to fuck herself will sucking on her tit.
It was a night that I'll never forget.


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  • Maybe therapy will help you forget.

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