Wife's first partners

We had been dating about a month and hadn't had sex yet. We were both virgins. While we were making out she said that one of us should probably have sex with someone that was experienced. I said that I didn't know anyone that had already had sex and she told me that she did and maybe she should ask them to have sex with her. I agreed that she should ask one of them to have sex with her. She said what about if she asked all three of them since then she would learn a lot and be a great sex partner.
After talking for a while, I agreed and she had sex with each of them over the next three weekends. Then on the fourth weekend we had sex and I did as she told me and we both enjoyed ourselves. I thought that she was done with the three guys but she continued to have sex with all four of us.
At Christmas during our senior year, she told me that we were going to get married in July. We did and have now been married 45 years. She has taken many lovers over these years while I have never wanted to have sex with anyone else.

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