I want to have a relationship with my aunt and feed her fatter

I'm 23, and my aunt is in her late 40s, early 50s. She's funny, kind, and a wonderful person, but she's had a few bad relationships. She's single now, and I wish I could be with her as a lover, and give her the comfort and care that she deserves. I also want to get her to let loose and feed her, fatten her up from a chubby woman to a huge SSBBW.

I don't know her current weight, but I do know that she has big soft chest, huge rear and thighs, and a very big, soft double belly. I love her body and giving her hugs, and squeezing her fat. But I want to feed her even bigger and softer, I want to give her a good life of comfort, love, and overindulgence.

Though, I highly doubt she'd be accepting of it, and doubt that she'd reciprocate my feelings for her. I just honestly wish that I could let her know in a sort of subtle way, or that there were a way to test the waters a little...I wish we could be together as more than just aunt and nephew.

Any advice?

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  • It's saggysue@yahoo.com email I'll b about to email u in about 20 mins hun xxxx

  • Hey hun if u want a pear shape ssbbw to fatten up I'd love it ;-) xx

  • What's your email? We can talk more about it ;3

  • Did u get my email address? I'll send u some pics showing off just how big my thighs r if u like hun. I bet mine r much bigger than ur aunts anyway and I bet mine wobble more cos I have loads of saggy excess skin xxx

  • Email me babes I'm waiting 4 you ;-) xxx

  • Bro stop wasting time , I'm fuckin my aunt too she 39 I'm 27 she had a horny pussy https://images.app.goo.gl/iTxaS9bY6gdAipyKA that her

  • How should I talk to her about it? What if she isn't into it and rejects me? How cpuld I sort of test if she wanted to fuck?

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