Wedding day

I have always been the sub in my relationship and on our wedding day my wife then whispered in my ear I wear the trousers from now on , with that she took me up to our honeymoon suit ,she said right let's give you your first spanking as my husband she hitched up her dress with her lovely why's stockings and white heeled sandles I was over her knee bare bottom being slapped unbeknownst to me when she took a break from spanking she was messaging the ladies from downstairs who would like to see who was the boss I couldn't believe it as every few mins a knock at the door and in came all different women including my aunt's,cousins and even my mum was so humiliating for me

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  • What happened then? Because I couldn't perform on my wedding night my wife called her mother and they both humiliated me. Only then I was able to get aroused and jerked off in front of them.

  • You’re worthless.

  • What the fuck?

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