The Leather Skirt

It was the eighties and I had been away on exercise in Canada, of course I brought back some
gifts for my young wife. Two things spring to mind, a black soft leather bathing suit that ties up
at the side (which she still has to this day). Then there was the bright red pencil skirt also in soft
calves leather - she would only get to wear it once.

A sunny sunday off and we were off out into the local countryside for a little alfresco fun as we
would do quite often. She dressed to impress, stockings, skimpy panties with matching bra and
her new tight red leather pencil skirt. I was hot and raring to go before we left the house, but off
we went.
It didn’t take long to find our secluded spot and we walked into the local woodland looking for
the perfect place. We were soon laid in the grass kissing and groping. My hands all over her
body, squeezing her arse and rubbing her tits and nipples through her clothes. Her hands on
the lump in my jeans rubbing and cupping. Soon she was pulling down my zipper, slipping her
hand inside and squeezing my hardness. I unbuttoned her blouse and gained access to her
beautiful breasts, kneading them and ducking my head to suck in a nipple flicking around it with
my tongue. Her back arched and her breathing became heavy as she stroked my cock. I pulled
her panties down to her ankles and off over her shoes. My fingers found her soft wet spot
quickly moving to her clit rubbing gently she let out a gasp and bit her lip, her head turned tome
and she whispered ‘fuck me, fuck me now’.
We couldn't wait any longer. I rolled on top and slid my rock hard member into her wet and
willing pussy, pushing hard as she gasped in pleasure. Pumping back and forth getting faster
and harder, her hands on my back and her legs around my arse pulling me in. It didn’t take long
for my orgasm to build. She screamed as my cock exploded inside her. I had been away a few
weeks and my balls emptied deep inside her, when I pulled my cock from her well fucked pussy
there was a lot of cum and juices flowing. Dripping from her it slid down and stained her brand
new leather skirt - it was ruined….

In hindsight I think it was worth it.

Although unwearable without questions about the mark she kept it... Until the dog found it and tore it into pieces.

30 days

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