We met our former friends from college elaine was a book worm and always dressed like Mary Poppins sometimes we made fun of her because she was small framed and never had a boyfriend ... when we returned to our house Carolyn left with her husband but Elaine was a bit drunk so we asked her to stay for the night. .. then my husband wanted sex and i said no we have company it's not proper....Elaine laughed and said go for it don't let me spoil your fun i might join you , it totally caught me by surprise, I didn't think she ever had sex.... my husband wasted no time of sitting me on the couch and go down on me pulled my dress of and his rigid cock entered me Elaine took her long dress off and had no under clothes what so ever (another surprise) she comes over pulls my husband off me and tells him to stop for awhile , she goes down on me ( another surprise) it was a very good eating , my husband gets behind her and enters her she slammed into him knocking him off balance ( my husband is bigger and thicker then the average guy) she continues to eat and make enjoying sounds while my husband buries his cock into her pussy ... she straightens up kiss me reaches for my husband cock smiles and takes his cock balls deep down her throat ( surprise ).. she really slams her mouth all the way down his cock stopping every so often to breath.. then turns to me kiss me and reaches behind grabbing my husband cock and letting out a moan she goes down on me again setting me off on an extreme shaking orgasm , my husband is slamming her hard and deep i hold her face in my pussy while my husband is furiously fucking her when he finally gets off he lays on the floor saying " my god that is a good ass fuck" i hadn't realized that she had placed his cock in her ass she smiled and said go drink some water and relax we need a cock again she got up cleaned herself off comes out of the bathroom and that's when i noticed she was completely shaved .. she pushed me down on the couch and sat on my face i started to eat her out , that was to much for my husband to handle he got hard in no time he stood on top on me and elaine new exactly what to do as she fucked my face like a pillow she swallowed my husbands cock without any effort whats so ever as i ate her pussy i could see her slamming down on his cock furiously as she got off my husband held her head down to his balls and let go another load down her throat she couldn't stop sucking till she got the last drop ,,, when she got off me she cleared her throat and said "guys i really needed that" i just sat there in amazement Mary Poppins had out performed me in more ways then one in fact for her not known for being involved having a guy she sure could take care of one..


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Its always the quiet ones............

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