I gave my boy friend a blow job with two of my girl friends hiding in the closet. I remember I got his dick stiff as board and sucked him off. He never found out he was being watched the whole time. They sneaked out while he cleaned himself in the bathroom. They most have fingered themselves off that night. What you don't know doesn't hurt.

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  • My wife Beth grew up in a hick town with her mom and sister Ann. 1970's they had no air conditioning and the 3 would go around the house topless on hot summer days. Her mom would quick put on a top when I came by but I caught her couple times. She didn't seem too concerned. Beth and Ann would stay topless. All 3 had the same D cup big tits. Mom was very progressive, had the girls on the pill since high school. When I stayed over I slept with Beth, no sneaking around. If she got too loud during sex Mom would say save that for his neighbors' 4AM enjoyment, sarcastically. Anyway Mom went to bed at 11 and Beth would usually give me a blowjob with Ann taking notes. Once Ann returned the favor and we watched her give her BF a BJ. Funny thing,. Beth has a unique style, she grips in one hand than slings dick back forth while it goes in and out of her mouth 20x, then no hands real deep in her mouth making loud sucking and slurping sounds, then swirls her tongue around it deep in her mouth.
    Repeats the process till I cum. Ann did it the same way.

  • I am sure he would of just let them watch.

  • My sister and I used to do stuff like that and more. We shared a room so we'd have to make ourselves scarce if the other one snuck in a visitor

  • Where did he finish? Did they get to see that part? Have they seen naked guys before? So many more questions I have lol.

  • You sound like an idiot for behaving this way.

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