A little lube & a wee bit of patience allows big things

A romantic couples get away weekend in The Honeymoon Capitol of the World overlooking the Falls at night in a suite with a heart shaped whirl pool bathtub. Combine the setting with a Italian dinner out, some wine and a few harder drinks and return to the hotel room for some more wine and champagne. Add in some bubble bath in the whirlpool tub and she was set completely at ease, relaxed and warm and receptive.

It didn’t take long for the mood to change to what promised to be a wonderfully intimate and sensual love making session only this time I had an unknown surprise.

Climbing naked out of the hot tub to lay damply on the sheets flat on her back with her legs spread wide her big tits rising up and offering her hot cunny to my appetite I revelled in licking and tonguing her pussy. She enjoyed the sensation of my mouth and tongue and I retrieved an acquired present to pleasure her with. From its hiding spot in the sheets I gripped a really big jelly purple vibrator far bigger than me and bigger than any cock she’d ever experienced. I placed the tipof it in between her lips and slowly began working the large head of into her a little bit at a time wondering just how much of it she could handle. It was incredible seeing her pussy engorged and opening up a little bit at a time as I gently applied pressure and then eased out only to press in a little further with the next gentle thrust.

I mean this thing was a monster. Some 9” long and with a 2” girth but with a little lube and some gentle persuasion it wasn’t long before she had taken the large mushroom head inside her. Working it slowly and steadily she was able to take a little more shaft with each insertion. Whenever it seemed she was too full I’d ease back out and reinsert it to the point of comfort and slowly she began to relax. When I turned on the vibration with the twist knob it added a whole new dimension to the sensation in her pussy and she began lifting and tilting her hips.

With each easement in she accommodated more and more of the huge shaft and soon 2/3 of its massive size were working in and out of her cunt. It was visually spectacular watching my wife being fucked by this monster and her pleasure and my excitement grew. I moved up to fondle and cup her big tits knowing she loved her nipples to be stimulated when she was being fucked.
Often she would tug and pull on them gently herself as her arousal built and this was no exception..

To my amazement it didn’t take much more before she was fully stuffed with this giant toy. It didn’t bottom out and she was able to take the entire length and girth buried right up deep inside her until her pussy lips smacked against my hand. I increased its vibratory setting until the powerful waves of buzzing sensation saw her picking up the intensity and frequency of the fucking. It was like watching her being pounded by a huge purple cock and she began humping harder and harder against it. The sound of her wet cunt being stuffed with this buzzing behemoth was like the most erotic thing in the world and she began to grunt and moan and grind. The vibration tingled her clit right through her cunt walls. In an intense and massive wave she came so hard she shuddered and arched and rode the toy like a champion tilting her pelvis and practically gushing she was that wet. As she eased down I slowly withdrew it and pulled it out letting it flop to the mattress. Her void pussy was gaped open having been fucked by this big dildo.. “Now fuck me with your cock” she said and having been aroused to throbbing I was happy to comply. It felt like fucking her after she’d already been fucked and it was wonderful to slam away hard inside her and fill her pussy with my own jets of cum. She said she could literally feel each spurt it was that intense. It was a case of all fucked out and we both collapsed exhausted.

Needless to say she was a little tender walking the next day but it was a night to remember. We didn’t employ the giant dildo often but it made me realize just how big a cock she could handle and how impressive she is.

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