I Like Being Touched

I'm a gayboy who's not open to other's. So many other's see me as feminine and likely gay. I look more like a girl than I do a boy. All my life since I can remember other's have touched me sexually, nearly all were older, mostly boys' and a few girls'. They were like four to fifteen years older than me. I let them touch me and liked being touched, even touching them. I always loved that they were older and stronger, that they could pick me up and being in charge when touching me, like boys' do with girls'. My question is about an older boy who is bi and fourteen years older than me. He has a girlfriend but says he likes being with me. He said his girlfriend won't go all the way, that being with me sexually feels better, even though we haven't gone all the way. He tries to by putting it there and pushing it in little but not all the way, it hurts and I make him stop. He says he loves me and if I love him, then I should let him fuck me like a girl. I'm going to let him because that's what makes me feel wanted by other boys'. He says it only hurts at first, that I'll love being like a girl and it will feel really nice. I want other gayboys' to tell me what it really felt like their first time, and me being much younger really makes a difference.

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