My uncle

My uncle us to molest me when i was little
Without details he gave me my first and several climaxes over a couple years.
I thought it was normal thing we did although i did not tell anyone until one until the day mom caught him.
He went to jail.
I to this day think about him when i masturbate. I try not to but i get more excited when i think about the things he did.

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  • Visit him in fail and become his cumdumpster if he ever is free again.

  • My uncle also did that to me, was 20. But we were never caught until I was 18. Began masterbating me at 5, oral on me at 6. At 7 I started masterbating and sucking him. Finally, at 8, we did 69, sex and anal. I'm 35 now, and in love with him and we live together and have a daughter I had at 19.

    My mom (his sister) disowned both of when I refused to leave him. Yes, it's incest, but the truth is I really loved it from the very first time. By 8, I knew deep down I loved him.

  • Maybe try talking to a therapist about it sorry you had to go threw that its not your fault that your first time was like this, hope you can find a way to get past it ((hug))

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