I'm attracted to sissys

I'm attracted to sissys and always have been. I try to hide it but whenever I see a sissy my dick gets hard instantly. They make the best lovers. They give the best love. They make me cum harder then I've ever cum with any real woman. I love the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they suck dicks, the way they kiss and just every thing about them. Some have been really good friends to me. I think about them all the time. I like everything about them. I just love sissys.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I’m a straight male and love sissy boys. I would love to dress her up in heels and stockings lace panties and bra and short tight dress. I would love to fuck her. Bend her over slide down her panties and fuck her ass.

  • I once dressed in sexy lingerie for another guy. It was so fun acting slutty!

  • Lady boys make great lovers especially if he is virgin...I miss my boy wife

  • I have been a transvestite as long as I can remember. I was born male very pretty in appearance. I was raised by two maiden aunts who preferred girls and during my childhood I was often dressed as a little girl. At ten dressed as female full time with my aunt's approval.
    I knew I had gay tendencies at twelve because I fell in love with my best friend Trevor, however he was straight and ended our relationship.
    Then a fourteen I was seduced by an old teacher who was giving me piano lessons. He was a widower and we became very friendly and confided to each other about all sorts of personal things including that I was not really female. He said that he understood completely and that there were a lot of people like that and not to worry about it. He told me that he was very lonely and craved company and that he loved the times I came for my tuition.
    Then one day after school I went to his house and found him in the kitchen crying. I put my arms around him and kissed him. He then told me that he was in love with me and that it upset him as it was illegal. to reassure him I told him not to worry as I would keep it a secret.
    We became close after that and I found I had sexual feelings towards him. I asked him one evening if he wanted to kiss me and If he did I wouldn't say no. We kissed and It felt good, I felt his hand go up under my skirt to my knickers and start caressing me. I was so aroused, then he took my hand and we went to the bedroom where he took my virginity.
    I am now forty years old and have been living as female since my teens. My aunts left me well off and I have own a ladies fashion boutique. I am in a current relationship with my retired neighbour Jack who visits me once or twice a week for sex and I love living as female!!!!

  • I have 2 sissy lovers who live with me. 3somes every night. Their asses and mouths are better than any women I've fucked. I'm finally sexually satisfied.

    I love them both.

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