I had my first sexual experience and no one knows

A bit of backstory; I come from a fairly Catholic family. I still live at home with my grandmother, both of my parents, and three younger siblings. I've been dating the same guy for 8 months. I'm seriously in love with him. We've become really close during quarantine and after his brother died(hit and run accident...I won't say anything else it was fairly traumatic). So when I was him for the third time since my parents loosened up quarantine restrictions, well...
First of all at this point I'd seen him shirtless but he saw ME shirtless now. I was nervous but it was hot. He massaged my clitoris through my clothing for awhile, which he really went at it and it was kind of incredible. And here's the part I can't stop thinking about.
I gave him a hand job through his clothing. And I can't stop thinking about it. His eyes were closed the whole time, he guided my hand sometimes, urging me to go faster, and he even moaned a bit. He did finish, he told me so and his pants supported that point. I can't stop thinking about how he looked and how good it felt to play with him. I had a really good first experience. It's intoxicating to hold that much power over a person. You bring them intense pleasure and it's just....amazing. I want to do it again, I really do.
As a final thing, he brought me to an orgasm while under my clothing...meaning he was touching my bare skin. And wow. WOW. It was for good good. I want to do that again too.
It's a miracle it even happened in the first place! Between a Catholic family and 6 other people in a one story house, it shouldn't have been a possibility. But it happened, and there isn't anyone I can tell, so here I am.
Anyways. Does anyone have any good handjob tips? I want to wow him and idk who else to ask.

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