Mom cheating

Growing up it was mom me and my younger brother. Dad drive truck and was gone alot.
I can remember the first time i saw my mom naked like it was yesterday. I was so obsessed after that seeing he little ski sloped shaped tits with freckles.
The dimples on her little bubble butt.
I was out side it was summer and by night time late evening. And by accident mom came out of bathroom and went in her room and turned on light.
She had a towel on and when the light came on i was just putting my bike away and i looked up.
I was 10 feet fron window.
Before i could go on she took towel off and i was frozen in my tracks
Mom is about 5 foot tiny built and when she dropped the towel changed the way i see her since.
I was instantly interested and i hid and watched her put her panties on and night shirt.
Fast forward i started spying on her all the time.
I would go through the day checking her out in her jeans knowing what underwear she had on cause I watched her get dressed .
One night dad was gone and mom was being all nice acting to us.
I went to bed about 10 but snuck out window like i did many times to see if i could catch mom undressed.
I hear here talking on phone as I watch her in living room
I heard her tell the person on other end you will have to be quiet but they are in bed.
Soon mon was letting someone in.
He was a older guy she kissed himsoon as he came in.
I watched as she hurried him to her room so i mover around corner and peaking through window watched as this man
And mon rip each other’s clothes off.
They were fucking before my mind could catch up.
I remember watching his cock pump in and out of her.
Snapped out of my shock when mom started whispering dirty to him and moaning everytime he slamed i to her. Soon she was ontop riding him i could see his cock buried in her but more so i was hypnotized bu watching her ass thrusting and grinding into him.
Soom she climaxed and lay ontop of him
He left and i watched mom strip her bed and put clean sheets on naked.
She took her panties and wiped her inner thigh and I realized it was cum running down her leg. I watched as she wiped her self with them picked up one of her socks on floor and wiped her self more and then took all her clothes and threw them in hamper.
I was not mad watching mom be a whore just turned me on more.

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