I'm not gay, I swear.

As long as I don't see a face, and I don't hear his voice, I sometimes enjoy seeing dicks. Maybe he's stroking it, maybe hes cuming. All good.

I love myself some prostate stimulation, so watching a guy cum from it makes me hard.

Would i date a guy, or kiss a guy, or have a romantic relationship with a guy. No. Would I suck a dick, or let a guy fuck me. Unlikely, but not impossible.

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  • Look in the mirror and you will see the gay guy.

  • You sure sound like it to me. I should know as being in the church I've been around many brothers who like you talked in much the same way.

    You need to ask our Lord to take away these thoughts and ask for his forgiveness right now. Get on your knees and bow your head. Say these simple words.

    Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for your help. I am but a poor lowly sinner . I pray you take away these thoughts and replace them with what you'd have me become. Forgive me Lord. Save my soul that I may spend eternity with you in paradise. Amen!
    Sister Mary Margaret

  • I’m dying to try sucking a huge hard cock . I’d love to feel it rubbing all over my face . I want the huge balls under my nose so I could sniff them and get under far enough to lick the asshole too. Of course I’d take the big cum shot straight to my lips

  • Same here where are you from

  • New York and horny as fuck

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