It started with panties and a bra now its diapers uner my skirt

I am a 46 year old male, I started wearing panties very young and thought that was my biggest turn on but one weekend I was staying at my grandmas house and they had to leave for a couple hours I must have been 11 or 12 but as soon as they left I went straight to the dresser where I had found my cousins panties before, the first thing I pulled out was a lacy training bra with a bow in the middle I sat it aside and kept looking for some panties I wanted to wear and as soon as I found them and pulled the lacy pink panties into place I started to close the drawer but just couldn't stop thinking about that bra before I knew it I was prancing around the room in my panties and bra, that's when it all changed because when I thought it couldn't get any better I was looking through the other drawers and found a pair of plastic panties like a baby wears over her diaper I pulled them into place and then the panties over the top, I didn't pee or anything but my dick was so hard it hurt and when I came I did it in the plastic panties. I knew I couldn't put them back soiled like that so I decided to stash them in my stuff and take them home to wash them, needless to say the plastic panties the pretty lace panties and lacy bra where never returned and I wore them any time I could, I ll fast forward to when I got married and by this time I had lots of pretty panties and bras and I had diapers and plastic pants and I loved the feeling of wearing my soaking wet diaper, I also had a nice selection of short skirts and pretty tops and pretty wedge sandals, I had told my wife before me married about my panty fetish and mentioned the bra and plastic panties and I had even worn the panties to bed and had sex with her wearing them one night when we were having sex I was licking her pussy when she said "you know I found your box of sissy clothes and diapers" I was stunned I didn't want her to know but then again I did, she took control and now I work from home and I wear nothing but sissy clothes and even though I have lots of pretty panties I usually only get to wear them over my diaper and plastic panties, she likes to call me names and tease me which turns me on, she says she is going to bring home a man and show him her sissy, she says she wants me to suck his cock, ive never wanted to have sex with a man but when she told me shes going to have him piss on me when hes done I have to admit im going crazy thinking about the whole thing, last night she asked me if I was ready to be her sissy faggot? I didn't answer but my tent in my pink plastic panties did. I cant wait

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  • You lucky lucky man. I'm all dressed up and all my lingerie and I have a pile on the bed and stroking my cock through them. I would love for my wife to make me suck another man's cock as she watches me. When you do it make sure she sees the cum spurting into your mouth.

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