I rather hump a face then have intercourse that's just a fact a woman never gets off unless there's a clit stimulation a dick sliding in and out don't do it for me if I can't hump a face there's no orgasm for me ,,,,, my husband knows when he gets a quickie I will be using an object with satisfies my clit soon afterwards 10 times out of ten it takes a woman longer to get off then a man ..we are just relief whores most of the time...

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  • If this is true, then Obviously women are having sex with the wrong men.
    I can assure you that every woman I have sex with, will orgasm from penitration. It's all in HOW you penetrate the woman. You can't just slam it in and out like on the pornos. That shit does nothing for women. Instead you have to do a rocking motion so your pelvis rubs against her clit while rotating down and back out. Then back up to the top, slowly penetrate, bottom out, and proceed to rock down against her clit again. If you do this right, I promise you the woman WILL have an orgasm. I have had many ex girlfriends come back just for sex with me because I'm the best they've ever had.

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