Brother and sister

Hi guys I have a sister who is 16yr old and 1 night I was going toilet and everybody sleep apart from me and my sister so I walk past her room and her door a tiny bit open and I can her bedroom light shine threw as I got closer to look I saw her butt naked on the bed touching her self while on the phone (maybe bf) so I stood there staring at her while doing I realised she got such good figure for a 16 yr old so I started touching my D**k for about a min then my hand push her door open she quickly cut off and hid under the blanket and my hard on just there sticking out in front of her she got scared n all but I closed her door and told her it’s okay to masterbate I masterbate too so I was showing her my dick told her to grab it every time she held it she getting wet she let me touch her p***y she asked me if she can put it in her mouth so I strip butt naked with her got into her bed and touched her then she decided to put her lips on it and she carried it on while her bf was on the line sleeping then we decided to face a cross each other so she can watch me bust my nut at the end we both cummed together now she 23 we stopped doing it cuz she is married but she had caught me wanking to her panties and she still say ur c**k is the best she ever tasted

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  • My elder sister (23 yo) taught me all about sex when I was 13. Now for about 10 years we fuck with each other when alone although we are both married now. But we don't involve them in our acts.

  • I have a similar situation with my sister but I taught her about sex. I personally feel it's the best way to learn

  • How to open up with sis for sex without getting caught in home. Give advice.

  • It's hard to give advice not knowing much about you and your sister. But the advice I can give is become more affectionate with your sister over a period of time eg kissing and hugging. When hugging if you have an erection , don't be afraid to let her feel it against her. Spend lots of time together and give her plenty of compliments and be flirtatious with her. Very important! tell her you love her and enjoy spending time together.

  • Lol

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