Guy with a Gift

My wife worked for a guy with a very unusual gift. He wasn't good looking, witty, or charming.In fact he was quite nerdy, a little overweight, and had a very monotone cadence to his speech. But for some reason women would hang on his every word, and actually do whatever he asked them to. I'm not sure if it was hypnotism, or what, but it never failed to amaze me. He was always with a hot young lady. A lot of guys asked his secret, and he would just ask what they were talking about. We got to be pretty good friends, and I asked him again how he did it. He wasn't sure what he was doing he said, by why tinker with a winner. I was sure it was a trick, or these women were being paid off.
I showed up to pick up my wife for lunch one Friday and just as we were walking out the door he called us into his office. "Tina, I've always wanted to see those beautiful breasts of yours, take off your blouse," he said in that same monotone he always used. My wife didn't hesitate for a second. She unbuttoned her blouse.and let it fall to the floor. "And now, your bra.' he continued. Off came the bra, revealing her very large, slightly saggy breasts. I was dumbfounded. Here she was, topless, with 30 of her co-workers right on the other side of the door, which was slightly ajar. "I wonder if she's cold or just glad to meet me," he laughed as her nipples hardened. "Tina, walk over here and bend over my desk," he told her. She walked straight over and bent over the desk, her cute sexy ass protruding enticingly. He slipped in behind her and rubbed his still clothed crotch against her covered butt a few times before turning to me. "If you ever want to trade when we're out partying just say the word. I know you seem to like a few of the ladies I date. I'd be happy to spend some time with this little hottie," he laughed. "Tina, get dressed now and go to lunch," he said. She slipped her clothes back on,and we went on to lunch. I am still amazed. She never acted like she was embarrassed, or even like she was aware anything happened.
Yes, we are still friends, and yes he has sampled the wife's charms on quite a few occasions while I enjoyed the company of a hot young lady. I also gave him permission to have some fun at work whenever and wherever he so chooses, since he could do that anyway.
I think his monotone way of speaking somehow hypnotizes the women or something. But I always heard a woman wouldn't do anything hypnotized that they wouldn't do anyway. I'm thinking that's horse hockey because I have seen some freaky and exciting things happen around this guy,

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  • It ain't hypnotism, buddy.

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