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I’m 19yr old female that has something to confess. My best friends dad is super hot about 40 I guess. We’ve known each other since I was young but I never told her I had crush on her dad. I’ve recently caught him staring at my crotch area whenever I wear leggings but acted like I didn’t notice although my cameltoe was probably showing. Anyway me and my friend went to party that night getting really drunk. We came home late but her dad was still up my friend passed out but I couldn’t sleep because I kept wanting to put on these really tight jean shorts purposely pulling the crease between my swollen pussy lips and innocently walking downstairs anticipating his eyes locking on my fat pussy. About 1min later i asked him where the scissors were. I knew where they were but I wanted him to come by me so I could watch him squirm trying not to stare at my cunt. I finally saw him blatantly lock in on my juice box. As I turned to go upstairs I saw his reflection rubbing his cock. I went straight to the bathroom and finger fucked myself cumming multiple times. My pussy lips were so swollen after showing my best friends dad my juicy pussy print

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  • So fuck him.

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