My wife grew up in a very unusual family
She was no modesty because of it.
At home she has always wore just her panties or a shirt
Or sometimes naked.
Well our son is getting orlder and i told her she needed to start wearing clothes at home.
Still a work in progress. And many times she would shower with door open or get dressed out in open.
My son have friends over and many times i have to remind her to put pants on.
Its got to point i was really getting discussed with her.
One night i worked late and got home i was walking up to house. It was fark out and i could see her sitting on couch butt naked. She was playing with herself. And yes my wife is hot and this was very exciting to see I hurried in house because I didn’t know where my son is.
I go in and of course she had stopped when she heard me but was still naked.
I didn’t tell her i saw her masturbating. But asked where our son was. She had put him to bed but I explained to her what if he got up.
She still didn’t understand the big deal anout being naked around our son.
At this point i did not trust her and realize she had a mental block that separates right and wrong when it comes to nudity.
This past winter I usually get home at 4 but again i worked late and pulled in at 7
It was dark and i was thinking about what happened last time i got home late.
I shut lights off so she don’t see me pulling in.
I sneak up to house and our son was watching tv. My wife was nowhere around soa i go back to bedroom window just as she got out if shower and was drying. Door wide open. She got dry and walked down hall and must of told him to get his bath. She was naked but had the tiwelstilldrying her hair. I just give up i think. He got in tub and she did slip a night shirt on.
Progress but I needed to talk to her.
Long story short we got in an argument and she don’t see what the big deal is. Her mom and dad was naked all the time. She told me her dad use to always be naked in front if her.
I dug into it and it sounds like it was nothing sexual but just nudity
But still sounds like she is not telling me everything.


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  • When I was dating my wife I told her I wanted her to be a nudist around me. When we moved in together, to my joy, she slowly did. By the time we were married she was a regular home nudist and I was ecstatic. I admit, that I loved seeing her nude in front of my guy friends. Fast forward family and kids, I'm the one asking her to put clothes on in front of my family and our children. Now she wears clothing when I'm home but not when I'm not home and we have guests, be they friends or my family. She never has been nude in front of her own family. Be careful what you ask for

  • My in-laws are like that, but ONLY the women go nude. This is shocking to me, because they are super conservative in every other way. My FIL and BIL's are never are in less then shorts, and normally fully dressed. I've seen my MIL and SIL nude so many times I've gotten used to it. I actually love to chat with them while they are nude. My wife? She admitted she grew up a nudist but stopped for a time. After a while she wanted to go back to being a home nudist but couldn't get herself to restart. I got her to be one at our home but she never had restarted at her parent's home. meanwhile, her sister flat stopped when she before she met her husband. MIL no longer fun to look at but still does.

  • My wife is and I are naked all the time, but never when the kids are here. She was drunk one night when my step son had friends over. We got in bed and she had to go to the bathroom. She almost walked out in front of him and all his friends. She would never do that sober. If it were a room full of strangers I would have let her go. I would love to see her naked in a room full of people.

  • My parents were always nude
    Or almost naked
    Mom would be at work and dad would stroke himself on couch
    He saw me looking once and made me stroke him for punishment
    After that he abused me all the time
    So no she should not be naked around him.

  • Problem with this and I agree with you
    Its wrong
    No boy should see there mom naked.
    Boy will become attracted and interested
    And many times obsessed and on most occasions sexually .
    This can turn into a sexual affair because nudity is no big deal
    Then sex becomes no big deal

  • Nudity is natural and you should be able to be nude in your own home! If things became sexual would it really be that bad?? Quite often boys are sexually attracted to their mothers nude or not.

  • So were you?
    Did you fuck your mom?

  • Yes I had sex with my mum many times.

  • Careful
    Mywife told meabout her family was i to nudity. Her step dad use to alway get touchy feely when her mon was not around. She seen him get hard on many occasions

  • I understand you not wanting your wife to be naked in front of your son's friends but there is nothing wrong with her being naked in front of your son. My mum used to get naked in front of me loads when I live at home and I would be naked too. Let her be comfortable in her own home and if your son's ok with it then it's totally fine. Why don't you get naked too. I actually think it's very healthy.

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