Little girls watch

When I was a teen in high school I worked on a machine in a building that was in a neighborhood of family homes. The building ha windows that were five feet high and to feet below a sidewalk outside. These two sister would come by and watch me work through the window. One day I decided to show them my penis so I unzipped an held it in my hand as it got hard I asked them if they wanted to watch cream come out and they were watching intently as my sperm shot out all over my hand. I invited them in through the back door where there was a small porch with a an outside and inside door. Once inside I had them stand on a small ledge and told them show me their panties under their dresses. So they hold their dresses up and I am wanting to see their pussies so I ask them to pull down heir panties. The younger 9 yo one did but not the older 12 yo. So I asked if I could touch it but they said no. After that they would come by and want to see me make cream and I was always ready to masturbate for them. I often wonder what effect this might have had on them as they started dating.

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  • Hope the parents find out and kill you

  • To other people children u shouldn’t but you see me my mom my step dad and my brother we secretly lock of from the outside work put are phone away close the curtain and we masterbate together sometime we help each other sometime we cum on are mom cuz she like it

  • Pedophile.....what's wrong with you?

  • I think it's ok for family to do this but not strangers. For example, I let my little sister see my penis and I let her play with it as well. I think it's important for girls to learn about the opposite sex but only from a father or brother.

  • This so true!!

  • Good on you. You did the right thing introducing them to the delights of pervert sex. It's the best type!

  • When they started dating they realized that the boys they were with had actual cocks, not like that cashew you're endowed with. Oh, how they laughed !

  • Ugh.

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