I love my mom’s feet

I have loved my moms feet for a really long time. She is 45 now and she has a size 5 1/2 foot. They are so soft, and her soles are nice and wrinkly too. The thing that makes it worse is that she is always wearing sexy, thin socks so you can see her skin under. She always wiggles and spreads her toes, it’s likes she knows they are cute and she teases me with them. And it not even only her feet. She has a fat ass, and the best tits with hard nipples. I have seen her masturbate one time and her pussy is so pretty and looks so tight. I just want to have sex with her.

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  • Mom's 70, and has been letting me jerk off on her feet while she wears heels as she masturbates for 30 years. I'm 45 now. She has a life long foot fetish also, apparently Dad thought it was sick thing to cum on mom feet. She also would take off the heels and lick my cum off them. She had no sexual outlet except me, so she turned to her 15 year old son. I loved my mom and was more than willing to play. BTW, mom has confessed her father is my real father, and she started doing this with him when she was 4. She would hold his cock I her bare feet and jerk him and he masturbated her.

    Two months in we began sex, but she needed me to hold one of her feet so she out cum. She let me cum in her. At 42 I impregnated mom. Dad knew it was not his, but mine, but did not want people to know. He died in a car crash 3 months later, I think he committed suicide.

    I love my mom/wife and our child. We play foot games 3 times a day.

  • Hi, did she masturbate in front of you?

  • No, but sometimes she starts having a conversation with me with her tits out

  • Wow, and you haven't tried to fuck her yet! Why?

  • Idk maybe because she’s my mom so I’m a little hesitant

  • Your mom seems interested to me and it's a really great way to show your mom how much you care! Sex is natural and a wonderful way of showing affection. Try not to over think the situation and next time you have an opportunity just go for it. I promise you won't regret it!

  • I love my moms feet, especially when I have them up in the air with her heels against my shoulders. You can hear our bodies smacking together throughout the house, along with my mom's loud moaning.

  • If she's teasing you like that, maybe she wants to have sex with you too

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