Daughter sleep ovet

Coming from an eastern culture where arranged marriages I have innocent 24 daughters who wanted come stay at the coast on a sunny weekend with me and stepfather, the husband was ok with but said only double bed as long give notice he gets a blow-up bed for her sleep in as this COVID being let up so as I was not working weekend we drove down early Saturday morning did not go straight our howe as lotas shops not been to in ages so when we turned up husband place was a surprise for him but he said missed shop get blow up the bed so settee or all in king size bed all choice well ladies cooked meal had a little chill out then short walk to place started oped selling drinks bit entailment on hand stayed few houres had jd myself got baileys on ice for my ladies time passed got them up had little dance with having good time few more drinks but getting late said we only little walk home so putting an arm around both started the short walk but lanes were bit dark now so ladies cuddled closer puttinh arm over thers oppisit shoulders could lower my hands down bit and got fondle wifeys boobs as stagged home but daughter had noticed what we was doing and she moved my hand down too so now could fondel her aswell well we got home and i offed sleep on settee but mum daughter looked each other saying big bed all use i got on left side but dont wear anything wife only use 1 my shirts so daughter said she wanted shirt to wife got in middle daughter other side was all relaxing wife rolled on her side back to me reaching aroung feeling fondling rubbing my cock well had roll towards her as she slid my cock in from behind tring be quite slowwhen daughter rolled looking at us asking what doing saying sry not want disturb she said ok but what doing said was going make love daughter sat uo saying pls show me i dont know about so told her get up turn light on to remover shirt and mums and i showed how get lady excited and ready for intercourse so lieing on my back wifey got on top lowering herself on my cock she then told daughter get same postion and sit her husbands face first we did this for while till wifey said ok time swop push daughter of my face lowering herself on and telling daughter how giled cock to her entrance as as wet from pussy licking will be easy lower herself on to and when got fully in move up down then she moved closer daughter started kissing fondling her boobs getting daughter do same was not sure if was ment fill daughter just as well can not have kids anymore was good night

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