Our first time

My wife and I have been married 45 years. Unfortunately sex is not what it was for her when she was young, so I love to recount our early years.

We started dating my freshman year in college. She was 2 years older and a year ahead of me. We moved pretty slowly at first, holding hands, and that evolved into hugging and kissing. The summer between my first year and second we were apart, because we lived in separate states some distance apart. Before school started in September, she flew to my home to see me a week before. It was wonderful to see her. She had long flowing hair and was wearing bell bottom pants and a halter top. She has nice dirm large breasts, and she filled out that halter top nicely without revealing too much. I loved thos 1970s girls.

We got back to school and our relationship continued to develop. One evening she asked med if I would like to fell her breasts, because she noticed I could not keep my eyes off them. So we went to my car, found a secluded area. We started kissing and I put my hand on her clothes breasts. She soon stopped and took her top and bra off. I had only seen real live breasts one other time. It was my aunt who went topless on a California beach, even though it was while laying on her stomach. I was amazed at how large and firm my girls breasts were, yet soft. I had a rock hard penis poking through my pants. That was as far as it went that time.

A few months later during Thanksgiving break, I went to here home where her mother and younger sister lived. One night we were on the floor under a blanket. Her mom and sister were already in bed. We were kissing and I was feeling her breasts. I asked her if she wanted to feel me. She didn't hesitate saying yes. So I unzipped my pants, and slid them down revealing my very large 7 inch member. She could not get over how large it was. After a few minutes she asked if I wanted to feel her pussy. I said I thought she would never ask. Now this was before playboy showed any pussy, so I had never seen one. When I touched her her lips were swollen and her juices were flowing. I couldn't believe how slippery the inside of her lips were. I asked if I could put a finger in her, and she said yes. She also showed me how to play with her clitorus. She started stroking me while I fingered her. It didn't take me long before I felt that unstoppable feeling and I was squirting all over her hand. That put her over the top. We both shared or first orgasms with another person with each other.

A few months later the next year it was spring break . I was 19, she was 21. My girlfriend and I decided to spend the weekend with her brother and sister in law. They gave us hida bed soda to sleep on. We had never spent the night together. When I climbed into bed my girlfriend was wearing a she was wearing a teddy her sister in law gave her to wear. I had climbed into bed with my jeans and tea shirt. I was pleasantly surprised when I found her wearing the teddy. My cock instantly got hard. We started kissing and petting. As I mentioned we had been involved in mutual masterbation, but up to this point no sex. As we were playing with each other, she said she wanted me in her. I asked her if she was sure. She said yes, but not to cum in her because we didn't have any birth control. I was very excited. We both got completely naked, and I got on top of her. She gilded me into her. I took my time, as I didn't want to hurt her. Once in here I thrusted 3 times, and I knew I was going to cum. So I pulled out and exploded with cum reaching her beautiful full breasts. I collapsed on top of her kissing her. We cleaned up and continued to cuddle. 20 or 30 minutes later I was hard again. This time I told her to get on top of me. She guilded me into her vagina, and proceeded to rock on my penis. This time I didn't cum as fast. It was amazing having the girl I loved riding on me, with her full, firm breast in my face, where I could suck on them and feel them. This time we took our time, and we both enjoyed the ride for several minutes. Again that familiar feeling was arising. I told her I wouldn't last much longer. That made her very excited and she started to cum, just about the time I had to pull out of her and shot my second load, while she continued to grind while orgasming. We both finished about the same time. She fell on top of me, and we kissed and hugged for several minutes before laying next to each other naked on the other side of the wall from her brother and sister in law. I have wondered if her sister in law may have had a motive in giving my girlfriend the teddy. I have also wondered if they heard us fucking and making love. About 2 years later we were married. Many times while making love we would recount our first times with each other. They are precious memories that we will always have. Those days were some of the best sex we have had.


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  • Back in the 1970s, most girls were thin right? Unlike now with so many heffers around. Seeing a thin girl around is a real treat these days.

  • Yes, but they were also hairy as fuck. Bush from hell, looking like an overgrown fucking Chia Pet. Some where still in the hippie movement and didn't even shave under their arms or legs, nasty bitches.
    It's safe to say they are still many many tone women today. My wife is still beautifully tone at 42, but she also works out everyday without fail. She's also shaved bald as a baby on her beaver. Actually, most of our friends (well hers) are trim and fit too. They all work out with my wife. We do have a few friends that are overweight. Not obese by any means, but could stand to lose a few pounds. They have no interest in working out though. But then again my wife is also an athletic trainer and physical therapist. So she takes physical fitness seriously. Lord knows I just want to drink a beer and eat a bag of chips and salsa while watching the game, but NOOOO. I can't complain though, she let's me do it sometimes, just not all the time.

  • I hate all the bald pussy out there today. A nicely trimmed pussy is much more attractive. And it is fun to help with the trimming, usually resulting in sex afterwards.

  • To each their own. My wife and I, neither one like getting hair in our mouth when giving oral. We are both bald. We both waxed for awhile, but it got too expensive going to the spa all the time. She still goes, but I normally just shave now, unless I get a hair up my ass (pun intended lol) and go to the spa with her.

  • Reminds me of my first real girlfriend. I was a freshman in high school and I was dating a girl who went to a different school about 20 minutes away. She was in 8th grade, so neither of us had a driver's license. My mom actually went and got her for the day, it was a Saturday. We went for a walk and ended up at my older sister's apartment. She was just leaving for work but told us we could stay. My girlfriend and I started making out, my dick was hard and leaking all over the place in my pants. I had my hand up her shirt, under her bra, playing with her tits. She stopped kissing me and told me to put my hand down her pants. That was the first time I felt a pussy. Not long after that, she pulled her pants off. I pulled my pants down and got between her legs. She told me NOT to stick my dick in her, but I could rub it on her. In typical guy fashion, I kept pushing the boundaries, I would rub in on her clit then put the head right at her opening. She stopped kissing and would say "NO". So I would move away and then come back. She would say "NO" again. I did this several times until I quickly slipped it in her and back out. I didn't get all the way in her, maybe just an inch or two, but it was enough to piss her off. She was so mad she told me to get off her. I acted like it was an accident, but she knew better. I asked her why we couldn't just do it, and that's when she (the one who actually still had brains) reminded me that we did NOT have a condom. A couple weeks later I would acquire some condoms and we finally had sex. Yes it was my first, yes it was her first, and yes it was at my sisters appartment. Best weekend of my life.

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