Help green and yellow looking puss.

I have green and yellow puss coming out of my cock after fucking this woman at work. I thought it would be ok. The first day it seemed like it burned a bit when I took a piss and now about 11 days later my cock is filled with this yucky smelly puss. WTF! I told the bitch she better get checked out. She said that she was fine but I thinks she gave me the shit. My girlfriend and I haven't been messing around in a couple weeks now so I don't think it's her. I told a friend and he told me about what happened to him back in the day when he was in the service after Korea. He said the army doctor had two big MP's grab an arm and the doctor hit his shit with a wooden mallet and the green and yellow shit when flying all over the doctors rubber bib and then his knees buckled. I sure hope they don't still dos that shit's today. I hope they can just gives me a shot. It hurt my junk just hearing his story. Any doctors out there can help me by tellings me what to dos.

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  • Gonerrhea. You need special injection and antibiotics. Get consultation from doc then he have test done on you from urine sample.

  • Yep I did and that's what I gots. Stupid dumb bitch gave it's to me.

  • Yeah, your doctor! Call him.

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