Im curious

Is ther any other men on here that like looking at other mens cocks ?

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  • I'm a man and I love cock. Looking, sucking, and fucking. Want to show me yours?

  • I'm straight but love to show my cock off I'm 15 but I'll show you mine if u show yours. I let my best friend suck my cock but I don't return the favor do you ?

  • I’m with you all the way. Love cock.

  • I’m with you, all the way.

  • Only if you were real and serious

  • I looking at ass more than cock.

  • I do
    Mike P in DC

  • Looking and then sucking! I had six last week.

  • Do you want to make it 7 I'll let you suck mine. I don't return the favor sorry but my girl don't suck dick. My older brother woke me up giving me head and said when ever I want it so at 15 he does it daily but I'm horny more than that like I said I'm 15

  • Would love to have you suck me. I heard men suck the best cock.

  • They do my friend gives better head than my girl friend but I don't return the favor but love to get my Dick sucked. I'm only 15 but I won't tell anyone .

  • Absolutely! Love looking a penis

  • Do you like to see guys that or 15 it's not small I hit puberty at 10 average 6 and a half but very thick. I'll show you it can be our secret

  • Only you faggots like looking at other cock.

  • When you watch porn do u look at the guys cock ass hole. Your a tough guy right bitch.

  • When I was in prison I would see other cocks when showering and bitch tough guys like you we would fuck punk

  • Not necessarily. Can you seriously say you have never looked at another cock.(real or a photo)

  • So what do you do when you watch porn? Cover your eyes?

  • The fucking dude said "likes" looking at cock. Learn to read you fucking retard.

  • Your missing the point idiot ......

  • The point was quite clear. You asked if any guys liked looking at cock. Only faggots like looking at other guys cocks.

  • Your father was looking at my cock tough guy.

  • My dad and I jerk off all the time he likes to watch me cum. I let him jerk me off sometimes then he uses my come to jerk off. I don't watch him he has a short little one. When he gets drunk he wants to put it in his mouth but the is fucked up. I'm only 15

  • Your still missing the point ! some people just don't get it ....

  • Except you have no point and now you're reaching. Lol

  • Yes. Tiny dicks only though.

  • My dad has the smallest one I ever saw but thank God I don't take after him and says you must take after your mom's side her brother has a big one like you son but not as fat

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