In hot water

I work for a large finance company, I'm 43/married, and my assistant has been working there for about a year. She's 23 and lives with a boyfriend. She's a hot blonde and I was attracted to her immediately. She is smart and has a great body. I'm actually training her to eventually advance upward in the company, so we spend a lot of time together.

We both flirt with each other, and for the longest time I made subtle hints that I wanted to fuck her, but she was reluctant to go there, as I was married. She admitted that she thought I was attractive though, and she likes older guys.

Well in February I finally wore her down and she agreed that it would be hot to fuck. We both took personal days off and when my wife thought I was going out to work that day, I actually met up with my coworker at a hotel. We fucked like crazy all day. It was every bit as good as I had hoped. That afternoon I went back home and my wife asked me how work was, and I said fine. She had no idea I spent the day squirting load after load into another woman's pussy.

Fast forward. I am typically in charge of the bills, but my wife has had some time off since the virus thing and has been more active at looking at past statements to figure out how much we need to put away in savings in case she's off work longer. She came across the credit card statement with the charge from February from the hotel. She asked, "What is this hotel charge? We haven't stayed at any hotels this year."

I nearly broke into a sweat. I said that the charge must have been fraudulent, but everything looked okay otherwise, so forget about it. She said, "Why won't you contest this charge? Let's get that money back." She called the credit card company and now there is an investigation going on between them and the hotel. I think I'm fucked, because the charge is legit. My wife is going to know any day now that I cheated on her.

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  • Use cash, why the fuck do married people use shared credit cards for stuff like this? Dumbass

  • Should have paid in cash. But that fine 23 yo bareback pussy must've been exquisite miking every last drop out of you.

  • Good luck on that.

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