2 weeks...

For two weeks I was in the hospital, had a minor heart attack. That's messing with my brain since I'm not even 50 yet but that's not the story.
For 12 days I would just lay there eating bad food and looked forwarded to dinner time because that's when my girlfriend would show for polite conversation and such.
One day I got a text from the woman that I've been obsessed about for about 14 years, we had gotten together a couple of times but that was a very long time ago. This day she sent me some nude pictures 'to help me get better' and for the first time in nearly two weeks blood was flowing to my penis. All afternoon I would pull them up for a quick peek of that newly shaved pussy bent over making me wish I was right behind her.
The gf came and I swear I saw the pussy on her face but had to force it out of my mind for awhile.
That night in the dark with my roommate asleep for hours on the other side of the curtain, I decided it was time to relive some pressure. It took awhile to get started, could have been the drugs or me being paranoid and listening for the footsteps of the nurses and minding the clock for evening vitals, but with the pictures and a healthy dose of imagination, I got the job done. Slept like a newborn afterwards.
Next morning, my nurse woke me up for 6AM meds. She told me I slept well and I nodded in agreement, not fully awake as she hands me a cup full of pills and pours me some water. She went on to tell me that all the leads and wires attached to me keeps them aware of my vitals...ALL of my vitals, and she smiled down at me. I'm sure my black face turned white. I realized that whatever nurse was at the the station could tell I had a wank, and perhaps the spoke about amongst themselves. I know for a fact they did because my 3PM aide, Rose, smiled at me and asked if I had a good night. So glad I left the next day.

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