Honey Pot

I've always wanted my wife to wax her Honey Pot. She keeps it trimmed, but just something about a clean waxed beaver that has me rock hard. I had been talking to her for months with every response leading to HELL NO. That was until we went on vacation and the resort had a spa that did waxing. I told my wife I was going to get waxed for her, but she still refused to do it.

I wanted to do it anyway and stopped into the spa by myself. Their policy was no single men could get waxed. Kind of a dumb policy, but okay. I told them I was married, but they still wouldn't do it until my wife attended with me. Are you serious? So I go back to room and get my wife. I told her the policy and she accompanied me to the spa. Once we returned, they took us both back where a nice lady waxed everything. My ass, my balls, my dick, even my upper legs. At first I thought I was going to die, but I got used to it and it wasn't really that bad. The whole time my wife was in amazement watching as I never flinched or even said a word. She asked if I was in pain, but I told her it wasn't that bad.

Not wanting to be shown up, my wife decided to get it done too. She laid on the table next whole the lady obtained more supplies. I kept reassuring her it wasn't that bad. She too wanted a full wax with everything gone. I was so excited. The lady put on the wax and applied the strip of cloth. With one good yank she pulled, and I thought my wife was going to go through the roof. She screamed and me and the lady both saying it hurt so bad. I reassured her the first one was painful for me as well, but it gets better. A long painful hour later, my wife's honey pot was completely naked. I'm pretty sure she will not be having that done again.

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  • It’s not that bad. Your wife sounds like an over dramatic bitch.

  • I agree, it's not that bad. I'm a man and I have everything waxed. My wife told me long ago she didn't like giving blowjobs because she didn't like hair in her mouth. I solved that.

  • My wife would have a Brazilian was done here and there, usually in the summer.

    During the quarantine, I convinced her to let me shave her pussy completely. I don’t think I need to tell you how fun it was. Touching, playing and taking pictures of the whole process.

    You might wanna give a try with your wife.

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