Oral with my cousin

I legitimately had oral from my 28 year old married female cousin. Before any smart remarks - if she was your cousin you'd fool around with her too. Blonde, 38dd tits, an ass that wouldn't quit, shaved, looked like Alicia Silverstone, and also a nympho.

Her nips got as hard as bullets when I went down on her, and she had the best pussy I ever tasted. I ate out her ass and sucked on her tits. Afterward, she got on her knees and sucked my cock until I came and she swallowed cum.

This went on for about 4 months until her husband started getting suspicious, then we had to stop. It was the best sex her or I ever had.

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  • After my wife and I split up I moved in with one of my cousins while my wife found another place to live. One night Joanne and I were talking and she told me that her guy was out that night with another woman and she didn't know what to do about it. Because she was drinking I made no effort to take the discussion seriously and I went to bed around midnight. Sometime around two in the morning I awoke to one of the best blow-jobs I'd ever had. Joanne was sucking my cock like her life depended on it and once I admitted to myself that the quality of the blow-job far outweighed the incest hang-up, I propped myself up on my elbows and watched her gobble my cock. When I filled her mouth with my load of cock-cream she eagerly swallowed every drop then sucked me dry. When she looked at me I told her "that was the best blow-job I've ever had" and she replied that her boyfriend was never going to get another one. As she walked out of the room I noticed that she was naked from the waist down and she had a nice ass. A short while later I woke up with a raging hard-on, remembering how good her ass looked. I went to her room, after making sure her boyfriend wasn't around, and found her face down on the bed with her beautiful, round ass waiting for me. With some vaseline from the bathroom I lubed my cock then proceeded to shove it up her ass. Joanne squealed as I went full-length into her ass then set to pounding her. Her pain vocalizations along with her kicking and squirming made fucking her ass simply awesome. Just before I shot my load up her ass, Joanne's entire body began quivering and with my cock deep in her ass I could feel the tremours of her anal orgasm.

    Neither of us said anything, I just went back to bed and it was never mentioned between us, until last July (2019), 22 years after that glorious night of no-strings fucking. If anybody is interested, I will tell you about that weekend last July.

  • My cousin is almost 2 years older than me, and he’s been putting his cock in me since we were 4.

  • 4? Yeah, right.

  • My cousin and I are the same age and when we were around sixteen she just asked me if I wanted to get naked and explore each other. Looking back on it I guess it was one of the best friends with benefits I had, we never kissed when we got together it was just strip naked and explore.

  • Nothing wrong with that! Many family members experiment with each other, very normal.

  • That is a great story and I had a similar experience with one of my cousins. She was cute but we did not get to bang!!

  • Good for you!

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