Lady today

When I was in school I was friends with a girl who had big tits. She was a Mexican in the midwest. I had the hots for her bad. I used to look at her big tits and masturbate about fucking her. We never dated and went all through school never so much as kissing.
After we graduated she became friends with my older sister. I came over to my sisters house one day and there she was sun tanning in the back yard with a small bikini. My sister started giving us a hard time saying we should just go out already.
I took her on a date later that night and ended up fucking her after we went back to my place. her fucking tits were AMAZING. I dated her for awhile until she decided to move to California.


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  • Sorry to hear send us some pics tho snap me pique1751

  • It's funny how things can work out sometimes. There was a hot, popular, girl in my high school. I wasn't even someone she would have noticed. We ended up going to the same college, and there she was nobody. I had a couple of classes with her and she recognized me. We ended up dating and when I saw her big naked tits, I almost started drooling. I loved playing with her big firm tits, and sucking on her nipples when we fucked. Almost three months later she was killed in a car accident.

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