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I cant stop sucking random guys dicks. I have them drive up to the garage at the building that I do security for. They park by a stairwell I know doesn't have cameras and I meet them. My heart is always beating so fast every time I go to meet them. Feels like I just smoked something strong. They're always ready and eager to go and I love it. I've done it over a dozen times for sure but I've lost count of how many guys I have had pump their loads down my throat or on my face.

The 1st guy was this Lake 280 to 300 pounds, 5' 9 to 5' 10 black guy and he had a very thick d***, it was probably about 7". He fucked my face in his car and just held my head down until he could come down my throat, it took him about 15 minutes. When he finally let me come backup there was so much cum and spit coming out of my mouth and he made me lick it up and swallow it.

It was probably about a week or 2 before I tried again because I was really nervous since the 1st guy had left my mouth so sore. The next guy was sort of embarrassing because he was probably about 5' 6, asian, and a 120 pounds and had like a 4" d*** that was very small. But I really want to fulfill him so I powered through in and gave him probably the best b*** j** that he has ever gotten. Even though he had a tiny d*** man he had a really big load and it tasted really really bad.

That same day I had another guy come over because the was really and fulfilling for me compared to the 1st guy I had done this with. The sky was about 5' 8 black with treads and pretty big his d*** was probably about 7" and just a little thinner not as thick as the 1st black guy. This is the 1st guy that I had fuck my face in the stairwell. At 1st we started in his car but he complained that there wasn't enough room so I told him we could use the stairwell. So we moved over there and he had me on his knees in front of him and he grabbed my head and just f**** my mouth like a pussie with really deep strokes. He f**** my mouth for good like 20 minutes it felt like before he finally busted on me and some of it got on my uniform and all over my face.

The next day I got back kn grindr and hooked up with another guy who pulled up in a very expensive car and was pretty young, had a pretty average d***. He fucked my face for about 5 minutes and came pretty quickly, honestly it wasnt that fun but I still told him thank you sir.

That same day, my next hookup was actually with 2 black guys at the same time period both of these guys were pretty young like probably 26, 27, And one had a pretty long and thick d*** like maybe 8" but the other 1 only how about 6". 6" got stage fright in front of 8" and couldnt cum but 8" came in under a minute. He really forced it down my throat too, I didnt even taste the cum until afterwards.

The same day, I had another hispanic guy come through. This guy had a very strange bent down dick but was perfect for fucking my throat. He met me in the stairwell and had me lay back on the steps while he shoved his dick down my throat. I gagged and spit up but he wouldnt stop fucking my mouth. I had so many tears and was pushing him but he just pushed into my mouth deeper until he started moaning loud. He called me his good little bitch as he slapped me with his bent thick dick. I told him thank you so much.

The next weekend, I had another pretty big black guy Come meet me at the stairwell. This guy have a real big belly and he had a very long d*** but it wasn't as thick as some of the ones that I sucked. He, just like the guy before him, had me lay back on the stairs as he told himself above me in forked me wishes d***. He was so fat is belly was suffocating me the whole time but it was so hot. Camp grunting and calling me is good little hoe. He had me crying and spitting up so much. Right before he came, he had me get up and get on my knees and suck it out. He yelled out thank you thank you so much over and over again.

That same day, I had another guy come over, white, middle aged short guy, maybe 45, 5'7", 6inch dick? It was a nice decent size and he was very handsome, he had me on my knees and took only a few minutes. He told me that I was much better than his wife, that strangely made me feel so good.

The next day I met another guy in the stairwell, he was on poppers when we met and had a strange dick. It was long but skinny and uncut. He came so quickly, it truly surprised me, and afterwards he seemed a bit let down. It was weird.

The next guy was hispanic, 5'8", 180lbs, thick uncut 8" dick. I could hardly fit the head in my mouth at first and gagged on him so much. He was really silent and patient but towards the end he just started to really fuck my mouth. I remember trying to stop him and I couldnt even see anything from all the tears in my eyes. When he came, he came all over my face, eyes, nose and lips. He slapped me over and over with his dick while it was covered in my spit and his cum. He didnt even say anything or offer to help me, he just left me there all covered in cum. I licked most of it off. Honestly I wish he would come back already.

There are so many more, in fact, the only reason Im not continuing the post is because i have another guy Im meeting up with right now. Hes a big boy. White guy, fat, 280lbs, 6'1, nice thick and juicy dick. I have a good feeling hes really going to mean business so wish me luck :)

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  • This is under cheating confessions... are you married?

  • Good luck. I am a cocksucker myself and know what a pleasure getting a hot load shoved down your throat can be.

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