Jerking off 5 times a day

Since last year I've had an excessive masturbation problem to the point where is consuming my entire life right now. On an average day, I masturbate at least 4-5 times a day. I would usually visit a porn site to jerk off, and other times I would go on social media and find pictures of beautiful women to fap. I can't go a day without jerking off, and it is getting out of control. Should I get, professional help to stop my addiction?


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  • I hate to hear stories like this. All you need is a woman to take care of you. I would gladly service you. I love sucking cock and I love being fucked in all my holes. My last boyfriend had such a low sex drive it was horrible. We finally split up before all this covid bullshit. When the stay at home is finally lifted I am going to need attention. I'm willing to try and take all your cum baby. Give it to me. I love warm sweet cum. That's the other thing his semen was so salty it burned the back of my throat.

  • Hey is there a way I could Contact you?

  • I had the same problem as a teen 15. But luckily my Mom Intervened. She caught me alot and them one night came to my bed. She dropped her robe she was naked. Mom was only 35 at the time, she is short 5 feet and heavy 225 lbs but she looked like a goddess to me.

    She said, Bobby you are never wasting cum again in a tissue, I want you to give it all to Mommy. I lost my virginity to her a few minutes later. We have been lovers for 30 years now. She the perfect woman for me. I hard right now thinking about her curves she asleep next to me after 2 hours of morning sex. My cum is dripping from her pussy.

    When she was 40 we had twin girls. They are perfect and both graduated from Ivy League college last year.

    Mom sex is the best sex for a man. No woman will love you as much. And a man will be bound to his mother forever in love.

  • Does your daughters know that you are their moms son

  • Since they graduated "Ivy League" they're at least as bright as ivy leaves and know dad's a motherfucker.

  • Far too much, you will end up pulling the knob off your cock, slow it down to a more reasonable 5 times a week maximum.

  • I usually have a quick one first thing in the morning and a long one edging for 1 to 2 hrs before bed, and that’s sometimes even after sex with the wife. If I know she’s away and not likely to need a seeing to I’ll go as many times as I can, I say wack away Jim, wack away!!

  • Hell, I am in my 50's and still pound one out morning or night, or both.

  • Yeah, you probably got a slight problem with compulsive masturbation.
    There's nothing wrong with whacking your pud every day, even twice a day, for some people. As you said, though, it can reach a point where it becomes an addiction that overwhelms all other priorities in your life. You've apparently accepted that you have a problem and have a desire to change your behavior. The next step is to contact your local chapter of MBA, Meat Beaters Anonymous. In most areas, they call themselves AA and tell people they are alcoholics, but they are all really just a bunch of hypocritical pud wackers.

  • Same dude

  • We should hang out.

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