Nothing is as appealing than the female form

The female form is so alluring I can't look and appreciate it enough. I'm blessed to live with the lady that I do and lets me look at other women all I want without having a problem. She allows me to look, feel or do anything to her body i want. Yesterday morning we had a huge fuck session.

I didn't want it to stop but we had to go to work. I mentioned I'd like her to get naked as soon as she came home. She truly is eye candy and I'm never satisfied. I got off work early and went home to watch some porn and jack off. Later I heard her come in and ramble around the house. I continued on with my porn and my constant masturbation.

I came out of my media room and she rounded the corner of the door surprising me as she was standing there nude. She said you didn't think I would did you? Actually I forgot about what I mentioned this morning.

I hugged her and cupped a cheek of her ass in each hand. She showed her form off to me the rest of the night. Today we started by another sex session that really turned into a body worship session. She says she will get naked right away again tonight. Let me ask you...Is there anything more sensual than a woman's body?

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  • Your are right, the female form is truly beautiful.

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