Some rapes count more than others

When I was a kid (this was about 15 years ago) we lived in a really dangerous neighborhood, and our school was a sewer of theft, drugs and violence. The last year we lived there I was 13. My parents could see what was happening and they were struggling to find a way to move. Even though they couldn't afford it, they gave me a cheap cell phone and told me to keep it hidden unless I was attacked and then call 911.

I was a "smart" kid, so the school moved me up from 8th grade to 9th grade. That same year four kids, thugs really, were flunked and had to repeat 9th grade, so they were two years older than me and a lot bigger and tougher. I was short and thin and wore glasses, so they began bullying me and calling me a faggot. It was every day, before school, on every break, and after school as I walked home. I lived in terror.

About two weeks into the school year, they took me at lunch break down into a boiler room or equipment room of some kind in the basement of the old school. They began pushing me back and forth, calling me a faggot, and then without warning three of them forced me down on my knees and the fourth unzipped his pants, said, "Suck it, faggot," and pushed his erect cock into my mouth. I gagged and they hit me until I sucked him off and he came in my mouth. He made me swallow it and they all laughed, then he was replaced by another guy. This went on until they had all used me. I struggled all the time, but it was pointless.

This became the new normal. Every school day, and sometimes twice in a day, they raped me orally. After they finished I tried desperately to clean up before going to class. After a month or so of this, something changed about their attitude and comments. One of them began fingering my ass while I sucked another one off. I was horrified and I wanted to die. Then the day came when the leader of the bunch told me to drop my pants. He rubbed me until I got hard then pushed me down and sucked my cock. He didn't make me come, though, and they took turns doing this. When the others were sucking me he got around behind me and began lubing my asshole with his saliva, then he pushed his cock into me in one thrust. The pain was terrible, and I screamed until they shoved a shoe into my mouth to shut me up. After he came in my ass the others took their turns, too.

They left me crying on the floor of that basement room, bleeding from my torn anus. Somehow I had enough sense to call 911 before I washed away evidence, and in a few minutes two cops came literally running in with their guns drawn. I was still lying on the floor bleeding, so they called a medic truck and I was taken to the County hospital emergency room. As soon as they were able to contact my parents for permission, they put in stitches both inside and outside of my anus, the police took a report, then sent me home with my Mom- for some reason my Dad didn't take time off work. She was so angry she could barely drive the neighbor's old Toyota she had borrowed. When we got home she called the school and demanded to speak to the principal, who knew me as a good student and also knew what the thugs in my class were like.

The principal wouldn't do anything until she got the police report, so I stayed home for the next two days. Finally the principal called my mother and told her she had read the police report and found that it described the incident as a "fight." The rapists had apparently been scared by the police coming to talk to the principal, but nothing happened to them. They finished the school year, leering at me across the classroom. That summer we moved.

Our society seems to have figured out the horrible damage that can be done by raping a young teenage girl. But raping a boy, or a man, is still considered joke material. Think about the jokes you have heard about telling a guy in jail or in the Army to not bend over to get the soap if he drops it in the shower. It is also standard in cop shows to threaten suspects with going to jail and being raped- things like being "the girlfriend of a guy named Bubba."

Some day maybe I will be able to talk, or write, about the psychological damage this experience did to me, and how my Mom, my Dad, and now my wife have become secondary victims. In the meantime, don't let a male rape joke go by unchallenged.


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  • All rapes matter. don't put headlights on yourself.

  • When I was 14, an outsider to the other boys, I was raped by three brothers, two of them forced me to suck their cocks, and the third one fucked me up the ass. But, that's where the similarities end between us, because I enjoyed it. In the 45 of so years since then I've been married 3 times, and had numerous female fuck-friends, as well as a few guys. I have always preferred women, but have never turned down a cock, there's just something about having one stretch my ass then pump me until they fill my ass with their juices. While at the same time I take great pleasure in fucking women up the ass, especially when I know it causes them some level of pain, but if they enjoy it as my first wife did, and still does, that it equally as good.

    It's too bad yours was a bad experience because you could have lived a long, active and very satisfying sex-life.

  • I’m a woman and this happened to me in elementary school. I was labeled a problem and spent most of my time in detention. I never said why I acted out, and no one ever cared. I just sat there, most of the time with the guys who tormented me.

  • I am a male that also has been raped, and l appreciate what you have written.

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