Wife's New Lover

Lately my wife and I have been going through rough times together. We were married 3 years ago and its been down hill ever since . Our sex life has shrunk to almost nothing. We fight over everything, money, inlaws even the color we wanted to paint on our walls.
One day the both of us sat down and decided maybe we should spend some time apart, maybe we should put this marriage on hold and try to find ourselves again. We both reluctantly agreed that is what we should do. she decided I should keep the apartment and she would move out. She had her eye on a garden apartment on the north shore of Long Island, so that sat I helped her move her stuff to her new apartment. She had a first floor garden apartment that had a pool in the back for all the tenants and gym in the basement.Most of the people were our age , 20s and 30s.
So that was it , she kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye.
Several weeks had passed and I had not heard from her, we were both working and I figured she needed her space.
Then one day I went to Roosevelt field to look at some sports equipment and I noticed my wife walking down the isle with some guy. They were walking hand in hand and were happy and smiling and flirting like new lovers.She was wearing skin tight shorts and she looked great, he was 6 ft 3 inches tall blond hair and an athletes body , the kind of body women drool over.
My heart stopped and I kept my distance from them. How could she I thought , how could she have found someone to love that quick ? That must have been the reason she never talked to me. I told myself it was over between us, but I had to be sure. I tried to leave the mall as quickly as possible but ran into and old friend , he wanted to grab a couple beers and talk about old times. I asked if he had seen my wife and he looked sad and said yes, she was going out with some guy she met at her apartment building, He said he was sorry we broke up and figured we were divorced since she was always with this new guy. I sat there crushed to hear his news.
When I got home i contacted a private eye and wanted him to find out if she was seeing anyone because we would be in the middle of a divorce soon. He said there would be a tape his men would make if he found anything and I was to give him 2 weeks to get any info for me.
Well the 2 weeks were up and he called me so we made an appointment at his office. He looked at me and said allot of info about my wife, yes she was seeing someone, yes she was seeing only him . then he gave me a tape of her sexual relations with this guy. I paid him and went home to watch the tape. I was shaking as i put the tape in the machine turned it on and sat back. there she was with this guy in her apartment, they were kissing on her sofa and soon he had her clothes off and had his hands all over her body.She stripped him to reveal a huge cock which she took into her mouth to blow him . they went at it for some time then she jumped on top of him cowgirl style and began to fuck the shit out of him. I never saw her act that way , with me she was always reserved and lay back. With him she was aggressive and somewhat dominant. she came 4 or 5 times before they quit and he came 2 times. they were made for each other and I knew I had lost her forever.
Several months later I was served with divorce papers. i met her in court some time after that and we talked. She said she was very happy with her new lover, they never argued and the sex was the best she ever had. That was something i was happily ignorant of a few minutes before i told her. I guess she was just being cruel , allot of women are.
I left her there and heard she had married the guy , had a few kids and was living out on Long Island. I managed to find a few ladies to date but to this day i miss my wife.


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  • My wife and I had a rough patch. We still made love everyday. She was going to community college and ran into her first boyfriend. We weren't communicating so much at that time. He listened to her and they talked and she ended up sleeping with him several times a week for the next eight months. When I found out it crushed me. I didn't know what to do. I very quickly decided that I loved her more than anything and forgave her. She expected me to say that we were done and throw her out. Instead I told her that I loved her and wanted to make love to her. That night we made love all night long and it was amazing. We are still together. It took a long time for me to trust her again. One day I came home early and I checked the caller ID on our land line. There was his name and number on our phone. My heart sank. When I confronted her about it she broke down and confessed that she was still seeing him. Less frequently but she was still fucking him. She told me that she loved me still but he could make her feel in ways that I couldn't. I had to decide what to do. I still loved her so much. I decided that it was possible for either a husband or wife to love more than one person. I'm still with her. I don't ask where she has been if she comes home a bit late. I just enjoy our time together. Many will think that I'm a loser for living like this. It's how I feel about her still that allows me to do so. I love her so.

  • There's more fish in the ocean so you need to get back in the saddle again. Finding someone new will help you to forget about your ex-wife. You've got a computer so check out some dating websites.

  • We will see, right now I'm not very trusting of women right now.

  • Yeah it happens. My ex wife and I went through something similar. Couldn’t get along took sometime apart. We came back together after 3 months but something was off. We eventually ended the marriage. After the divorce was finalized we got together to give her some of her things. I asked what happened and learned more than I ever wanted to know. She said she was sad for the first week and then everything changed. She went out with her friend and for the first time At age 29 had a ONS. She was very forward and said she went home with a 22 yo to a crappy apartment and Decided she was only going to suck his dick. But once she was sucking she said it was like I was changing right there. They ended up fucking till dawn. She went to her apartment and decided she wanted more. And for the next 2.5 months she lived!!! She had a 3sum, slept with a couple of black men but said they weren’t all that Big. Was picked up by a lesbian and had her first girl girl experience. Had anal for the first time from a guy she met at a Starbucks who was 52. She said that guy did have a big dick. She said he was a master but she was still sore for 3 days. She stopped when she had a pregnancy scare and that’s when she came back to me. I was floored and pissed. I told her if she wanted to be that adventurous I would have been that way with her. She said it was for the best. She experienced so many things and people. She said she didn’t want to be tied down I asked her how many guys and girls she was with during our separation. For the first time she looked a little guilty. She smiled, winced a little and said “43”.

    I’m glad it worked out for me. I met a great lady. Freak in bed and beautiful. I still hear from my ex every month or so. She has a great job. Still single but said “I never knew there was so many people who are like me!” She fucks a lot and goes to swingers clubs a lot. She said she has no shortage of men after her since she went from B cups to D. She is quite stunning.

  • Did you ever pleasure yourself watching her suck and fuck on the video?

  • No you clown

  • Sorry, I was curious if part of you got turned on by it. If I saw my wife having sex I couldn't help but get horny.

  • When you are hurting seeing that only makes things worse

  • I guess I can understand that much too. I think I would have the rage and jealousy and anger of betrayal and such, but that my stupid penis would take over and well, you know. Mind you, I guess my tastes have changed in my mind over the years.

  • Yeah you did. By the sounds of it the pi got up really close and it must've been in high definition.

  • No means no you asshole

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