Wife's Sexual Adventures

Let me begin by saying my wife is the most drop dead beautiful woman I have ever met, bar non. She is about 5' 5" inches tall at about 115 lbs. with a perfect ass , legs you want to lick from top to bottom , pert tits with nipples you want to suck all day long. She has the face of a movie star and when she walks men can't help but ogle her every move.
Having said all of this its evident she has a very extensive sex life. As the saying goes ,she has had more pricks than a used dart board. Am I bragging about my sexual dynamo of a wife, yes I am, and with good reason. From time to time we tell each other of our sexual exploits each has had over the years, some before our marriage and some after.
I once asked her how it all started, she explained it started in a bar on Long Island one summer night. She was out drinking with her friends and she met a guy, well one thing led to another and she wound up in the back seat of his Ford . He pulled down his pants and had a erect cock the size of her thumb. She knew their sex would be a waste of time and she was right.she said his cock was the smallest thing she had ever seen
The next guy she told me about was a guy she met on the job, a married guy who was almost as horny as she was. His cock was 6 inches long but very very thick. She said she loved fucking this guy and would drain him 2 or 3 times whenever they had sex, she just wore him out. He wanted to bring along a friend to help out. She said he couldn't handle her sexuality so he brought along one of their co workers. She said she only had one rule, whoever came in her had to clean her up, they agreed. Lover boy started and came right away and cleaned her up, number 2 lover boy did the same thing and cleaned her up. This went on all afternoon until both of these assholes were completely drained . She must have scared the hell out of lover boy number 1 and he went back to his wife. Lover boy number 2 she never saw again.
The next fool she met was at a party. She said he was the best lover she ever had in her life. He had the ability to fuck a woman all day long non stop. His cock wasn't the biggest or the thickest but he knew how to use what he had. she stated he must have been 7 and one half inches long , above average thickness. She said she never came so much with anyone else. She would cum 5 or 6 times with this guy and the only way he would cum was if she blew him. She dated this guy for several years until he had to move to England for business. To this day she says she misses him. According to her she would have married him if he had stayed here.
My wife worked at the airport where she had all the men she wanted , the next guy in her life was a detective for the police dept. She said he was the most hansom man she ever had , he was perfect, he was build like an athlete, over 6 feet tall and a large cock which he loved to use. When they fucked he was like a wild man and their sex was the roughest she ever had. She loved him for it and if he had not been married he would be laying next to her ,not me.Their affair lasted until his wife found out about it.
The next clown she hooked up with was a guy who was newly divorced and horny as hell. He was about 6 foot 4 inches tall and had a cock almost as big. as he was.
she said he had the biggest cock she ever had, 9 inches long and very thick. He loved shoving it all the way in ,which she could take with no problem . She said she loved riding his cock , she said she could make him cum at will and often did. she explained that she grew tired of the same old thing, she gets on top and rides him silly.According to her he had no personality, like that matters.
Next on her list was a college kid she met at the store, you know the checkout kid. She loved the control she had over this kid. She would drag him to her car after work and sit on his cock until he came. Sometimes she would let him fuck her then make him clean her up.She loved sitting on his face and smothering him with her ass. She loved having him around because of the control she had over him. Like most women she could be cruel. I suspect she was cruel to all the men she fucked. She looked down on most men, treated then like play things.
What was she doing with me, a guy with an average cock you ask ? I asked her that very question and she said that i don't fuck her, I make love to her. that it was evident i loved her by the way I treated her.
There have been many men in between these lovers she mentioned
She also said that if the right guy came along she would fuck the shit out of him. She said she loved me but she wasn't going to be giving up any cock she wanted. What could I do, I also loved her .

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