As She Developed

When I was 18, and my peeping partner, 14, one of our targets was a 12 yr. old girl, whom he was crazy over. She was really cute, and had an absolute God-given ass, but, nothing else, no tits and no pubes. Her mom wasn't really much to look at, hanging mams with grey nipples, a large dimpled ass, and a bush that hung down like a beard, scraggly and unruly. We had better targets, and I rarely peeped on her, when I was alone.

Cut to four years later, I was going to college in a nearby town, and he had become a pot dealer. When I came home one weekend, he sought me out and told me of a party he was throwing the next night. He urged me to attend, even telling me, " I've got you a surprise. " I figured it was some special strain of weed, or, maybe some cocaine. I told him I would be there.

It was way out in the country, in a big old farmhouse. There was probably a hundred folks on hand, music blaring, clouds of marijuana smoke wafting, thirsty people, many under-aged, around a couple of beer kegs, and a large vat of Purple Jesus. There were more girls there than I imagined. He and I were sharing a joint when he yelled at a couple of girls, and waved them over. One was a blue-eyed blonde, shapely, beautiful smile, the other a short, dumpy brunette with large tits. He motioned to the blonde and asked, " Remember her ? " I didn't and said so. " It's Jill ! " he said, the fine-assed target of our peeping escapades. Man, had she blossomed ! I hugged her neck, noting she had grown some tits, nothing amazing, but adequate.

As the party wound down, later on, Jill and the dumpy brunette were still there and wobbly on their feet. The brunette curled up in a corner and passed out but Jill slithered up to me and said, " D. told me you all used to peep in my bathroom window. Did you like what you saw ? " I looked confused and tried lying my way out of it. " Oh, fuck you, you don't have to lie ! You don't have to peep tonight, either ! I'll show you whatever you want to see ! " D. appeared beside us, leering, saying, " Would now be a good time to go upstairs ? " Jill smiled, and I shrugged.

Once upstairs, locked into D.'s room, she began shucking clothes. She had teacup tits, firm and proud, with pointy caramel-colored nipples. She had a wispy little slash of sparse pubes, and that fantastic ass. We sloughed out of our boots, jeans, and shirts, as she preened and posed. D. has the bigger of our dicks, slightly over eight inches, erect, and thick. I'm merely six inches, but, fairly thick, too. Jill got on her knees in front of us, and took turns sucking us. She was pretty good at it, for a young lady. But, we needed pussy and tossed her onto the bed, where we kissed her, ate her, and fucked her in several positions. At one point we were spit-roasting her ( we called it a " both-ender" ) and D. and I high-fived. She forbade us coming inside her cunt or mouth, and D. came on her idolized ass, and I came onto her flat belly, filling her navel to overflowing.

Afterwards, D. fired-up a joint of the killer gold, and we chatted, in bed. She asked banal questions like, " Did you watch me piss and shit ? " ( we couldn't see those activities as the toilet was immediately under the window ) " Or change tampons ? " ( No, again ) " Did you peep on my mom ? " ( well, yeah ), and, of course " Who else did you peep on ? " ( nobody you'd know, a blatant lie, but, none of her business ) . She was our first threesome, but, wouldn't be the last.

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