I let an old man touch me on the bus

I was sitting in a window seat, beside him on an overnight bus. He seemed normal, just an old poor guy, maybe in his 60s. We exchanged some small talks and quickly went back to mind our own business.

But then I felt asleep and woke up to the feeling of his hand on my thigh. It was dark outside and the bus was dimly lit. I dont know why but I didnt feel scared. I kept pretending to sleep to see what he would do next.

One thing led to another, he finally unbottoned my shirt and squeezed my boob. At this point, he knew that I had woken up. He knew I wanted it. He started to suck my boob while fingering me. All of the other passengers already slept but I still had to try to not moan out loud. This guy fingering skill was so on point. And he sucked me with a passion I have never seen before, even with my boyfriend.

When the bus stopped for a rest, we hopped down and went to the nearest restroom. He fucked me so hard and told me I would be the daughter he always wished for. He told me to take pictures of us having sex in front of the mirror. Even after we got back on the bus, he kept touching and fingering me until the last station.

We never asked for each other's information. All I have of him are his name (Vincent) and a couple of photos of us fucking in that public restroom. But the feeling of being touched the whole long trip by an old man was something I would never forget. Sometimes I fantasize if I could just get on a bus and let whomever sitting beside me touch me again. Next time on a bus, I wouldnt wear underwears.

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  • If you're in LA hit me up.

  • That was nice

  • It was the Greyhound from La to Vegas. Be there next week for the 8 pm run

  • Let me know where to next ill meet you

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