Looking to fill my needs

Have watched porn for many years..Never seemed to have any luck with women. Got hooked on shemale porn and found there bodies so beautiful...I have discided its all about the cock and the need to find some ..Live in western pa area...email is dickjudger@gmail.com...

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  • You and I are a lot alike. In high school I had like no girlfriends. Just didn't know how to act around women. I was raised by a single mom. Really needed a father figure. Anyway now I suck cocks and guess that is the way I am to be. My mom doesn't know. Keeps asking when I am going to get married and have kids. I guess my future husband and I could adopt a kid. I feel more like a woman though.

  • I know how it is..I cant help how i feel...Tired of the rejection and all the other things ...Stick with your feelings...I keep looking but so far no luck..

  • I have felt feminine for more years than I can remember. I was brought up by two aunts who really wanted a girl, so I have always been treated as female, my schooling, the way I speak and the way I dress.
    I knew I was a boy from the age of ten during a period of being bullied at school by some of the other girls. Then I entered puberty, at eleven I was masturbating . Then at twelve I was abused by a man and I enjoyed it.
    This man was my music tutor, he was a randy old man but very affectionate.
    At first I saw him as a father figure, he was very "touchy feely" and I liked it. One afternoon at the piano his hand wandered up my leg and it felt electric, I felt ready to faint as his hands touched my knickers and he discovered my penis, then he kissed me.
    I was in a trance as he caressed my penis and kissed me lovingly, I was seduced. I ended up at his house on his bed, he was naked and erect pushing it between my legs until he ejaculated. We did that often for two years until he fucked me at fourteen.
    I have never told anyone this until I found this site and now I can't stop talking about it!!!!!!

  • I was seduced by a co worker ...i resisted for some time for fear of someone finding out..It was mostly on weekends at his house..he was divorced ..He would tell me stories and rub my thigh to get me arroused ...Well finally i got up and said give me a minute then come back...i went to the bedroom and stripped down and got under the covers...I said ok im ready, and he joined me...He went down on me and it felt so awesome...He went slow and after a while i shot my load in his mouth...These meetings went on for years and finally something just started bothering me...i was struggling with my feelings and stopped seeing him...Now i wish i had someone to have sex and a friendship with...

  • That must have been lovely darling and you have never forgotten it!!
    In my own case I have continues to live as a woman, but through choice have never transitioned.
    In my late teens I studied art and ladies fashions and as my aunts left me well off I started a ladies wear boutique which has been very successful. It gives me a choice of fashionable clothes to wear particularly expensive lingerie which I adore.
    I have many friends in the fashion world and outside who accept me as a transvestite. My lovers have all been older married men who prefer a she-male in their senior years.
    My current lover is my retired neighbour Jack, he is in his late sixties and built like a bull. I love the way he handles me, so loving and gentle and he loves to fuck me while I wear my undies. He is also into fifties styles, puffy petticoats and floaty dresses and he likes to pull the petti's up over his head when I'm mounted on top so he can watch, the naughty boy!!
    That's all for now and live your life as you dream!!

  • Hello darlings, well Jack came round last night. I wasn't expecting him but apparently he had sneaked out telling Elsie that he was going to get some exercise due to the coronavirus. I answered the door, I was so pleased to see him and let him in. We kissed long and hard, I felt his huge hands going up my skirt and holding my knicker clad bottom and pulling me against him.
    I pulled his Joggers down, he wasn't wearing pants and I went down onto the magnificent penis licking and kissing, he is so gorgeous and big, then I removed his shoes, socks and joggers!!
    I stood up, undid and dropped my skirt to the floor and led Jack to the bedroom, he was right up behind me as we walked pushing himself against my bottom, I loved it and occasionally stopped as he kissed my neck pulling me against him.
    We stood in the bedroom kissing and caressing, our erections rubbing against each other, I was so aroused I was nearly cumming.
    I laid on the bed and opened my legs, I was wearing French knickers which he gently pulled aside. I was ready for him and watched he got between my legs and his jerking throbbing erection approached my bottom hole.
    "Take me, take me Jack" I pleaded and as he pushed in I lifted my legs higher, I just wanted all of him.
    Jack made love to me for about an hour, he came twice, he is such a big juicer and left me laying on the bed in my knickers, stockings and rumpled blouse, exhausted but satisfied.

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