Oh No Grand Ma!

My grand lives with my parents. She is pretty active for her age. She is 92 and feisty old gal. She gets around pretty good for her age and her mind is sharp as a tac. I live on campus but frequently come home to do laundry and stuff. I still have my room upstairs next to grand's. The other week I came home during the day and I started doing my laundry. Then I made myself a sandwich and I went up stairs to my room to watch some television and maybe a short nap. As I was coming up the stairs I heard strange noises coming from grand's room. It sounded like she might be having a stroke. I ran down the hall to her door and I knocked but she didn't answer. I called out to her but still no answer. I tried the door and it was unlocked so I went on in. Grand was on her bed totally naked with her legs apart using a huge black penis shaped dildo. She was going at it with her eyes closed and wearing her wireless head phones. I looked at her TV and she was watching some sort of interracial porno where older women were screwing young black men. She didn't see me and since she didn't hear me I just left her and went back to my room. I can't forget what I had seen though. I really didn't think at the age of 92 she still had the desire for sex. I thought about telling mom and dad but I can't talk to them about me having sex. I guess grand's secret will just remain safe for now. I'm trying to get the whole thing out of my head. It's not pleasant seeing a 92 year old woman going at it with a huge dildo.

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  • Yep I would have fucked her so fast she wouldn't have known what hit her. I love old pussy it's great.

  • You should have climbed on top of granny and slid your hard young cock up inside her eager pussy. I've fucked a couple of 80 year olds and the pussy were surprisingly tight and felt great. Have to use lots of lube though, because they don't get very wet at that age, but they still fuck great.

  • Attractive for 92? How can someone that age possibly look like someone you'd even want to fuck? You're lucky she didn't have a heart attack or stroke. It might have been hard to explain.

  • Where do you live I would gladly come take care of your Grand. I bet she is a sexy old gal. I'm 73 and would make her feel so good. I need some pussy tired of screwing the ones I have here at the home.

  • I would be scarred for life...

  • No shit! LOL!

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