Touched my hairstylist (female) today, finally!

I've been going to this hairstylist every month for about a year now, and my hands are always on the arm rests. As time went on, I noticed she started putting the chair up to a height where my hand could easily fit right in between her legs, and she'd regularly "bump into" my hands throughout my haircut. Today, finally after all this time, I had the guts to extend my fingers out when she was close enough to reach... I didn't do too much, just a quick rub up and down a few times so she had a very clear idea what I wanted to do. She didn't say a word (there were other people in the place), and she didn't push away either. She let me rub subtly for about 15 seconds, even lifting one of her legs to give me better access, before moving away.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them? And what happened, if so? My heart was absolutely pounding like crazy when I did it, even though I had a strong feeling she'd be okay with me doing this.

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  • When I was a teenager (16), I would go to this hot woman who worked at the hairdresser. She always bent over and I could see straight down her shirt. She was always right there in my face and she had nice tits hanging just inches from my face. I always knew what color her bra was. I'm sure she knew what she was doing and I'm sure she did it on purpose. I went in once a week or so to get a haircut, my mom thought that was odd for a boy. She left that hairdresser and went to work for another one, so I followed her there. After I went to college I would always come back home just to get a haircut. Then she told me one day she was giving up the career to start a family with her new husband. I was devastated, but such is life.

  • I have been going to the current hair place for about two years now, nice atmosphere and a few really hot stylists who cannot cut older hair styles for crap. But Jennie is a different story all together, in her late forties maybe early fifties and give me a great hair cut every time. I guess it was probably the third or forth time she cut my hair she started giving me a neck massage after shaving it and it felt great. She could tell I was enjoying it and after she was done like five minutes later I told her that was great and I would have to get that service all the time. She leaned down and told me that I could get a full body massage if I wanted it later on today and asked if I wanted her card.
    I texted her back about an hour later and told her a massage sounded great, could not believe how she was dressed when I showed up at her place. She had a table in like a den area with candles and low lighting, she told me once I was undressed just lay down on the table. She came back in and turned my body into mush then after all of that her hands slid under the towel and wrapped right around my cock. Sensing no hesitation from me she gave me a great hand job along with some occasional sucking just on my head.
    I had no idea what she was going to charge me so I had brought some extra cash beyond what I figured it would be and when I asked her at the end how much she just told me however much I wanted to give her was fine.
    I see her quite often for both services.


  • Try -
    it's much better than this site

  • She's rubbing for tips and having a little fun. 100-1 odds you get to fuck her.
    "So you're telling me there's a chance?" ,, from Dumb and Dumber

  • My wife cuts hair and gets hit on all the time by men. She has rather large boobs and she makes contact with men's shoulders and upper arms all the time with her boobs. Thats not a sign she wants to fuck them she is just got a big set of boobs.

  • This woman does not have very large boobs, probably a B cup if I had to guess. So it's not that...

  • How do you know? Women are aware of where their boobs are and make sure they don't touch anyone they're not attracted to.
    Are you sure your wife's not fucking any of them? I bet she had fucked at least one of them.

  • I had a women who cut my hair rub her tits all over my arms. Felt real good she gave me a hard on. So one day when she did it I pulled that cover they put over you up so she could see my hard on. Her reaction was to come closer and rub my shoulder with her tits. Then she put the cover back over me and put her hands under the cover and massaged my cock briefly. She never said a thing. This continued for several haircuts then the next time I went in I found out she got fired. I have never seen her since. I wish I knew where she is working now I could use a haircut.

  • If there weren't so many people in there, I am sure we would've acknowledged what was happening. And probably gone a lot further too! But hey, something to look forward to!

  • I got to cop a feel and more from my hairstylist. She found out her husband had cheated on her, and I think she is looking for some revenge sex more than anything. She has a great body because she also teaches fitness classes. I've wanted to fuck he since I started going to her almost a year ago. We met up for drinks last night and ended up going to a motel after. Her whole body is just so firm. Her abs, her tits, and her ass are perfect! We ended up fucking three times that were nothing short of excellent! She had to leave and get home then. I'm sure her husband did a lot of fucking during his affair, so I'm hoping to get a lot more revenge pussy.

  • 50 years ago I met this total rock hard 9.8 babe (singe D cup, DD would make her a 10) at this bar. She was coming on to me like a Dollar Night whore. I fuck her all night, I coach her through her first ever blowjob. I call up days later and she tells me I was revenge sex, her fiance cheated on her -- and he WAS the only guy she ever had sex with. They're getting married Sat and no you can't fuck me again. She didn't fess up but he was a little suspicious with her skillful blowjob.
    As luck would have it we both move to this little town about 20 miles from where we met. About 10 years ago we're at fundraiser -- we're cleaning up after and she says "2 guys left and I fucked both of them."

  • Obviously you have never actually sat in a barbershop chair. At no time would your hand ever be at the right height to touch her pussy. At least not when she's cutting your hair. Get a life and stop telling bullshit.

  • Who said anything about a barber shop? Sorry your life is so miserable that you have to troll people on here and hope their true stories are not true.

  • Well considering YOU said "started putting the chair up to a height" which only a fucking barber chair can do.
    I'm sorry your life is so fucking miserable you have nothing better to do except come on here and make up bullshit stories. Get a life ya fucking loser.

  • Ermm... hair dresser here, you know those chairs are not purely for men right?! We do have short ladies and little ones who need height adjusting seats too! It's not a chair just for men! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuckin retard

  • It's okay, we should go easy on him, his mommy still uses a bowl to cut his hair, so he has never stepped foot into an actual salon! How would he know otherwise.

  • Answering your own comment to make it look like others agree with you is a sign of insanity. Too bad you have no real friends to back your fake ass up.

  • Actually I'm the lady who said I'm the hairdresser.
    So he/she who replied on my comment is just in agreement because it's true! 🤣 🤣chairs only for males? Can you hear yourself?

  • I can see you liked your own post, dead give away that you are the same person. So you can stop pretending now.

  • Yeah of course. God you really are a weird cretin aren't you. Loosing your shit because you think a chair is made for a specific gender. 🤣🤣

  • I never had anything like that happen to me unfortunately. I have gotten some good looks down her shirt at her great tits though.

  • Had a similar instants with a female doctor, every time she had to check out my tongue she’d line up her pussy with my knee and then come towards me... it happened all the time, her clit was actually pushing against my knee!

  • Did it twice. Once, when I was in high school and had a habit of twisting my longer in the back hair into knots and pulling it out, and the hot, blonde hairstylist I went to who worked in her home noticed, asked if I was pulling, and made me a deal. Stop pulling, and, if I proved it during my next appointment, she'd cut my hair in her usual shorts, but, only bikini top and no over-smock. She was gorgeous, hot-bodied, and knew how to get results. I stopped pulling, went back for a cut, she made good on the promise, and, about half-way through, got my hands on her tanned, tight tummy and deep, oval innie navel, making her laugh and say she expected it, that I couldn't keep my hands off of her.

    The other time was years later, when I'd moved and started going to a similar, hot, German blonde with a NY accent. She had a shop, but would also dress comfy and sexy (most of her clients were men), and would wear tight jeans or shorts, and had a thing for tied, low-cut tank tops in warmer weather. The more she leaned over me and her tits just bulged out into my face, the more my brain said "Just do it..Grab them". I asked first, she said yes, I'll give you one (I was one of her favorite customers, and tipped very well). So, I reached up and got a nice, firm handful of Christine that day. Both stylists had no idea how much more I wanted to do to them.

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