Daughter's husband

Before my daughter began her relationship with Carl, I had a very sexual affair with him.
My husband and I had briefly split up when I discovered he'd been letting a young slut give him blow jobs at work when we were dating.
So during that break in our marriage and a few weeks after we got back together, I was involved in lots of extremely dirty and rough sex with Carl, who is nineteen years younger than me.
We'd do just about anything together, but my favourite sexual act, was to have him fucking my asshole while he used various items to fuck my pussy.
Carl would go crazy for my tight asshole and I grew to adore anal sex. So much so sometimes my ass would be all he'd fuck.
Our very sordid affair finished when Carl took a job in another city. Yet before he went, we spent a whole night having The most perfect of sexual encounters out in the open air. He fucked me naked for such a long time as we overlooked the whole city below us.
It was a few months into their relationship before I even knew my daughter was with Carl and by then they were already buying an engagement ring.
We were both shocked to realize that I was the mother of his wife to be. Neither said anything and we both have still said nothing.
We've now spoken privately about the situation and I've promised to keep our affair secret. Yet and I know it's true of Carl too, I ache with sexual passion when we see each other.
Recently during a visit he made to our home, my daughter was out with her father shopping.
I knew they'd be gone for at least another hour, so with my pussy and asshole dying to feel his young hard cock again, I tempted him with my naked self.
I'm not proud to say it, but Carl and I had such an awesome hour of sex, with him screwing my asshole over and over again, making me orgasm multiple times as he used to during our first affair.
We both said afterwards it was so good to have each other, that he told me he could keep my daughter and I, both happy.
They get married in June and I can see they're amazing together, yet I cannot seem to resist Carl everytime he wants to fuck me.
It's not every day or week. But each time we do have sex, it's so intense and he goes wild for my ass. I know my daughter wouldn't allow him to fuck her there because Carl has told me that. And my husband no longer has the sex drive or the passion to want anal or any other kind of sex these days.


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  • Sweetie, I was away on a convention, no intention on cheating, but after having an argument with my husband, I agreed to have drinks with this young man. Needless to say the last 3 days was all sex, and room service. Fast forward 4 years I come to find out he’s dating my daughter. Plus we met in a different state. We did speak about our time together, nothing happened until the night of his bachelor party. Told him to call it an early night, so we could play, and we did. And continue too

  • You're not being a terrible mother by cheating with your daughter's soon to be husband. It is remarkable that Carl is your daughter's boyfriend, bringing him back into the mix. Your husband has also been fucking your daughter for nearly a year now.

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