Husband secret

I been married to my husband for 3 years
After sex one night he was talking about his mom and he told me she use to use him when they were alone.
I knew he had a rough childhood but i set up what do u mean use?
She use to have him perform oral sex on her.
He had just done me that night and that’s what brought up memory.
Is this common ?
I was shocked at this.

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  • You asked below how to help your husband. Just tell him it's a little strange to hear about. But that it is part of his past and part of who he is, and you accept him completely.
    Tell him if he ever wants to talk about it, it will be fine. If he wants to just drop it, that's OK too. Whatever makes him most comfortable.
    If he does want to talk about it sometimes, just don't judge him on it. He was the kid.

  • Good advice! He should talk it out and be able to feel accepted for the person he is today! Kids are sometimes victims of their parents problems, not their fault!

  • You make it sound like he had a bad experience. You're right about accepting it and talking about it is good. I went through a similar experience with my mum and we had sex frequently. I'm not sorry about it and I'm certainly not a victim. If anything I am very lucky.

  • Not at all. A lot of guys on here will pretend that they did it with their mom, but they are BS.
    It does happen, but very rare. Sibling sex is much more common. And father daughter is less common by a lot, but more than mothers.
    I was a sex-offender therapist, and zero of my offenders had sex with their moms. And they had to pass a lie detector asking if they told me everything.

  • I think you're wrong. Many mothers and sons enjoy sex together. It's wanted and loving and passionate. And its happening more often than anybody thinks

  • Just because you are therapist doesn't mean you have all the answers. You may know how to ask certain questions for sure. But consider this, perhaps men/boys who have sex with their mothers don't need therapy hense why you haven't seen many? I have an amazing mum and we had sex frequently. I would never see that as a bad thing nor did it have a negative impact on my life. Not all family sex is bad.

  • Tell us some good stories they told you...

  • My mom had to go to the hospital for about 2 weeks and because of my father being too busy on his job, they gave me to my grandmother. It was out in the country and nothing to do all the time. And my grandma was an old and lonely Woman. she seemed to live up, when she could be together wirth me and comforted me all the time. On the second night she asked me if I want to sleep beside her in the double-bed. I did and that night she did sex with me. She touched me and then took my penis in her mouth. At 13 I came at once and she seemed not surprised. She did that each morning and each evening and during the stay I learned all, what a boy could learn from an older Lady. In between I'm 38, married with kids, but when I visit my grandma (she's 81 now), she still suckes me off.

  • My mom did that with me, I'm 25 now. It started at 14. We 69 most night, she swallows my cum.

    Friday night we have regular and anal sex. But mom prefers oral.

  • I always swallowed my son's cum. It's too beautiful to waste

  • Question is, did you get all hot and wet when he told you these things...did he call you mommy and did you like it??

  • No!!!
    You guys are terrible
    I was shocked at first.
    Just couldn’t imagine his mom and him.

  • 😂😂 oh come on.. not even a little?

  • She’s just hard for her to admit it...

  • Yes you think about it and slide your fingers to your panties and diddle yourself till you cum. Do it at work tomorrow

  • Just support your man

  • Tell me how

  • How what?
    He didn’t he into much detail
    He just wanted to share it with me

  • Wtf do you mean? Just listen and be sympathetic. He’ll tell you if he needs or wants anything. Sorry just real advice here

  • Tell him your ok with his past as long as he is.

  • Incest is more common than you think. nobody will openly talk about it because is such a taboo subject in some countries its illegal I was sexually active from the age of 12 I first had intercourse at 14 I was having incestuous relationships with family members it seemed a natural way to learn nobody forced me, it has fond memories,

  • People need to understand that not all incest is bad.

  • I believe it's more common than people realise and it's not always a bad thing. I had a similar thing with my mum which started as oral sex and quickly progressed to sexual intercourse. It is a subject that is taboo and to often swept under the carpet.

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