Older sister

I have three sisters, one older and two younger. It was challenging growing up in a house being the only boy. My older sister, who is two years older than I, we always seemed to quarrel about everything. As we got older, around when she was about 16, I was noticing her figure was really filling out. Me being a horny 14 year old looking at penthouse and playboys, I was definitely noticing her body!
We lived about 6 miles out of town along the foothills where it was still sparsely populated, so lots of privacy.
We were on summer vacation goofing off and relaxing in our average sized above ground pool. We being my three sisters and I. My oldest sister, Rosie, was wearing a two piece bikini, fairly modest but still showed off her boobs and ass really well. Lots of cleavage! My boy dick was pretty stiff in my baggy swim trunks. My two younger sisters eventually went back into the house, which just left Rosie and I in the pool. So out of the blue I asked her if I could ask a weird question. She said sure. I told her it was kind of embarrassing to ask. She said go ahead. So I asked if her boobs hurt when running. She answered right away and said, oh ya they do! They hurt sometimes just walking. She told me that’s one of the reasons she likes being in the swimming pool because they feel weightless. She went on to say that she lets them out of her bikini when she’s by herself in the pool. My little dick was super hard when she told me that! I said something like “no way! She said she just lifts up the bottom of her bikini and they fall out. I blurted out without thinking “can you do it now?” She said not to tell anyone and without hesitating up went her bikini and out came her beautiful ample boobs! I was stunned! The view of the pool from the house was obscured by several pine trees.
She asked what I thought. I said this sounds weird but they look really great! I told her to be sure not to let mom or dad catch you doing that or you’ll be spanked for sure. She told me that I need to hide my magazines better or I would be spanked for sure if mom or dad found them. I was somewhat embarrassed when she said that. She told me not to worry she wouldn’t tell. She told me that anytime I wanted to see her boobs just let her know.
That day started many more naughty encounters with my sister!


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  • I have three sisters, older and younger than me and we used feel each other up all the time when we were young, all in the guise of a game. My older sister had this little green stuffed animal frog. Someone would yell FROGGY and we’d all chase after who had the frog and try to steal it, I was maybe 12 at the time and we’d all pile up trying to grab the frog, when in reality we were all trying to grab each other’s naughty bits. I would slide my hands over and inside my sisters shirts, inside their bras, feeling their tits and nipples. Sometimes I’d get my hands up under their shorts and feel their pubic hair. Their hands would be all over my pants and ass and during the times I wore shorts I’d sometimes feel their fingers flick my cock and occasionally I’d feel one of them wrap their hands around it. I couldn’t tell you when or why that “game” started or stopped, but we played it for a very long time!

  • My sister used to have a regular bath and sat facing the door. Our bathroom had a keyhole. i sneaked overfrom by bedroom and had a long peep. OMG. they werethe first naked breasts I had ever seen just like I the magazines. My dick was so hard. When she stood up and towled herself down before getting out of the bath I saw her pussy. her bush was a dark tringle and oh so sweet to look at. When she benT over to do dry legs i saw her breast swinging. Her nipples were erect which was a bonus. Sneaking back to my bedroom I came easily. I wanted to fuck her for what seemed years. If she had made a move I would have.

  • You should of tried with your sister. Is it too late?

  • I did wonder. One night Iwoke up and she was standing over me in a satin night dress. She said i had been grinding my teeth in my sleep. i lay there looking up at her. If she had said something or got in bed with me i couldn't have stopped myself. No way could i have made the first move. It's not worth the misery. Way too late and not going to happen for a million reasons.

  • The misery?? And tell me these reasons why it shouldn't happen? It's not wrong you know.

  • I had fun with my hot older sister's body and tits in our pool when I'd tug her around on the raft as she tanned in her tiny, black bikini. She knew her body drove me crazy, and, as I was 13 or so, also knew I was always hard as hell for her (and I really was..I couldn't be around her without a bulge in my pants). Pulling her around one afternoon, I leaned into her and jokingly licked her tanned, deep navel, making her laugh. She slyly asked if I liked her body, and, keep this between us, don't even tell your friends, and I could undo her bikini top and she'd give me one feel/grope or taste. She didn't move from the raft, and I took her bikini top off of her and had at her tits a few times.

    We kept doing the same thing whenever she was on the raft and we were alone, or, I'd help her vacuum the pool (got in a few ass grabs, too). She let me kiss her one afternoon when she was laying topless on the raft, and told me I did it well, so, we could do more and take it to where I wanted it to go (meaning, fuck her). Started having sex soon after that first amazing kiss. I really had at her, too.

  • There are many brothers and sisters who have sexual relationships. It's normal and I think healthy.

  • My four year older sister was my first boob touch. It was only a one night thing. But she showed me how she liked them played with and let me do it.

    I should have tried for more. But that one time was her doing. I didn't dare try on my own. But I should have.

  • They all like it, and most will tell you they want you to do it more. The first time I got in a good grab of my hot older sister's tits, in our finished basement shooting pool, I thought she was against it, but..She told me she was fine with my doing it, gave me a few more, and only said nobody can see or know that she lets me grab her like that.

  • You should of because she was clearly open to a physical relationship with you. Is too late to try?

  • I was a nosy kid when I was 9 or 10. I would hear my horny parents having sex and peek in on them. I really thought they were crazy -- it was like watching a train wreck. Then one night I heard my 16 year old sister giggling and then started making mom's crazy groans. I creep down the steps half way to spy on her and her boyfriend. OMG it runs in the family,, she's doing it too.

  • I bet you whacked off thinking of your sister and came hard?

  • My brother use to play with me all the time also. Except he was older than me

  • Wasn't until me and my sister were older that we started hanging around s lot together. Her boyfriend and my girlfriend all 4 of us got along really well. We had lots of parties and had several different friends over. One night a couple suggested that we play strip poker. We were all drunk and went along with it. After we all got naked we switched to the game truth or dare. Some how I got dared to fuck my sister. At first I said no way in hell, but my girlfriend was encouraging me to do it and so was my sister's boyfriend. My sister thought we should just do a quickie so we could stay in the game. I eventually agreed and me and my sister got in the middle of the room. I slipped my dick in her and fucked her for several minutes until the timer ran out.

  • I fucked my cousin in a game of truth or dare.

  • When I was 13, there lived an older couple in the house beside ours. Always when the Man was not at home, she came out into the garden without clothes on. She did that even, if I was not alone, so by the time our Garden and pool became much popular for us boys. She did not care when we lookd over to her and once she invited one of my older friends to show her something too. from then on in the afternoons after school. there war one naked Woman and a couple of naked boys with raging hardons.

  • I'd love to fuck my older sister. She's kind of a slut so I think I'll be able to.

  • Sounds like me and my sister. She was older than me too. We lived on a farm 8 miles out of town, so pretty secluded. Anyway, when we were teenagers she used to suntan naked out behind one of the garages. I used to sneak out and try to get a good look at her tits. One day she sat up, covered her boobs with her hands, looked in my direction and told me to get over there to her. I thought she was going to be pissed, but instead she asked if I wanted to see them instead of sneaking around trying to catch a glimpse. I just nodded yes and she dropped her hands. That was the first time I had ever really saw a pair of boobs in person up close. Of course my dick was rock hard. She just laughed and shock her head saying "boys" as she laid back down. I ended up seeing her pussy that way too. I had actually started laying out with her. I think it was mostly because I got to see her tits all the time, but I used the excuse I wanted to tan too. So one day we went out to tan and she pulled off her bikini bottoms, which she had never done. We joked about it for a bit and then she spread her legs so I could see her snatch.

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