Wife at Adult Video Store Part 1

Wife at adult video store. Part 1
We have always enjoyed having my wife show off her tits in public. She’s got a nice set of 34C’s with big nipples and loves to hang them out. It started with her flashing truckers. Sometimes we would just go cruise the nearby interstate even if we weren’t going anywhere and she would flash truckers all day long and always got nice comments over the CB radio.
Then we decided to try an adult video store we always went past. I stopped by one day to scope it out and came up with a great idea to show her off.
We went a few days later, which was also my birthday. For a birthday present she said I could have total control over her for this trip. I had her wearing her black knee high hooker boots and only two other pieces of clothing... a short denim skirt and a very small white tube top. I went in first and had her come in 5 minutes later so any guys in there would not think she was with anybody and I could see their reaction.
When she came in and started browsing around all the guys started moving around to get good views. When she bent over just a little you could see her pretty little ass and if she really bent over her pussy came into view. You could also see her brown areolas and hard nipples through the stretched out tube top. She had worn this tube top before and we knew that as she moved and reached with her arms it would slowly slide off of her tits. She continued shopping around as me and a few guys were watching the tube top slip slowly off her tits. Meanwhile one guy went back into the video booth area and alerted some guys back there and she now had 9 or 10 guys milling around her.
Finally the tube top couldn’t handle her tits anymore and both tits bounced free!
She pretended to be surprised and pulled it back up, then looked around and smiled and pulled it back down around her waist! Both tits now hanging in full view of all the guys there! She continued to shop as the crew followed her around. I was so hard I couldn’t stand it!
Two of the guys complimented her for her nice tits. She smiled and thanked them and continued shopping topless! I approached the two guys and let them know I was with her and asked them to keep that between us. I also asked for their help. I wanted to see the other guys reaction and asked them to go over and grope her tits. I told them she loves having her tits played with. They were happy to help.
She had seen us talking and knew something was up. As they approached her she started reaching up high to look at something which just shoved her tits out. They guys got on either side of her and began groping her tits. She actually moaned as they started and turned around to let them have better access to her chest! They both continued to heavily grope her tits!
It didn’t take long for the other guys to move closer and begin reaching for a handful of tits! Even the clerk came out from behind the counter and joined in. I then moved behind her, grabbed both her hands and pulled them up behind her head and told them to have fun with her tits!! She arched her back and now her tits were shoved out into about 20 hands grabbing at her boobs! She was also starting too grind her ass against my now rock hard dick! I told them to go ahead and pull her nipples because they will really stretch out....to almost an inch! They immediately started on that....one guy would grab the meat of each tit while another would stretch out her nipples! They all were amazed at how long her nipples got! All the time she continued to moan as her tits were basically assaulted and there was nothing she could do about it!! The clerk went over and grabbed a set of nipple clamps and proceeded to clip them on her stretched out nipples!! She moaned and went to pull her arms down but I held them up behind her head and told them to clip them good and tight...we had used clothespins on her nipples before and she liked it! They stretched her nipples out even more and clipped them!! What a sight she was with both tits hanging out being groped by multiple men and nipples clamped!! Guys were now taking turns groping tit and pulling every direction on the nipple clamp chains!!! I took one hand off her arms and reached under her pussy from behind.....her inner thighs were getting wet from the juices from her pussy. I then whispered in her ear and told her if she wanted me to let her hands go she would have to offer to start giving out handjobs!! She agreed. I let her hands drop as she asked who all had hard dicks and wanted a hand job!! As she said that she was already grabbing their dicks and feeling if they were hard or not. A couple of the guys were quick and pulled their hard cocks out so she started on them. She got one in each hand and started jacking them off!
Now it was time to go into a video booth and have some more fun!!
Also if you want some pics of her beautiful tits let us know!!

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  • Love the story and to see her please record674@gmail.com

  • I'd have lifted that short denim skirt your wife was wearing and fucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow!!

  • She has a fetish and loves to watch cocks squirt and I don’t mind letting her! She just loves watching guys cocks squirt all over.

  • I knew a couple once were the wife was so hot and the husband was turned with her showing off her breasts in low cut tops. They’d walk into the night club and he’d parade her around a few hours and then probably go home and hang one one...

    This went on for two years and then she started coming to the night club alone and leaving with other guys!

    Be careful what you teach!

  • That would be fine as long as I got to watch!!

  • Nice story mate

  • I would love to see her. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

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