I crossdressed in the military

I served for 8 years in the military. As a pansexual male I would have fun with all sorts of my coworkers. But my favorite thing to do was wear lingerie or just some panties and a bra underneath my uniform. It felt so sexy and naughty. I definitely had fun with a few of my superiors and officers. Let’s just say on deployments I became very popular with guys and girls

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  • The general and I are hot lovers. We are both men and the gyms at the pentagon are so great for hookups. So many studs in there. Mostly married mature guys that just want a release their wives don’t do anymore.

  • Nice! I would love for a general to bend me over and fuck me like a sissy bitch

  • I'm in the Air Force all you gay fuckers can come meet me in Co. at school. I'm learning how to suck off the Colonel now. I'm going to be a masturseargent

  • Fuck I still am doing it. There are several of us who do. We get together and have some wild ass parties my friend. Oh yeah let me tell you. I'm in the Navy and we even have some crazier times at sea. We are on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and the times get so wild. You wouldn't believe all the shit that goes on. We have some females who they sell themselves while out on a tour. They come home and head right to the credit union and make huge deposits and I mean cash not cum. One female made almost 10 K. I am thinking about doing the same thing. There are just not as many queers on ship so I won't make as much but I could still clean up. Hell I will not only let them fuck me in the ass but I will then lick their cocks clean afterwards. The Navy is a fucking hoot. I love it and have met some wonderful people. I highly recommend it. Why do you think the Navy is having more accidents shipboard? It's not cause we don't have the proper navigational equipment or skills. It's cause we are getting it on when we should be watching what's in front of us. He! He! don't tell anyone or the fun might stop. It's like a very large brothel just on the ocean.

  • I would of love to shower with your ass

  • The showers are tiny lol

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