Being watched

When I was 19 I met a man at work who I thought would be fun to play with. He was 10 years older than me and we just hit it off. I caught him occasionally looking at my breasts or ass and I must admit I played up a bit, leaning over when I really didn’t have to and once climbing up a rather tall ladder in a skirt and asking him to hold the ladder “so I didn’t fall”.

Eventually I felt he had suffered enough and went back to work late when I knew he would be there on his own. I was wearing bra, stockings and very small knickers with a coat over the top.

I hear him upstairs in the office overlooking the street and so I went up. As I turned the corner into the office he saw me and smiled. As I walked towards him I let the coat fall open a little and saw his eyes widen. In the three seconds between this and me reaching him he developed a rather obvious bulge.

Standing in front of him I stood on tip toes and kissed him. As the kiss became more passionate I rubbed the bulge in his jeans and he shivered. I thought he was going to cum right then!

I turned round and dropping the coat to the floor I leant over the desk. I could feel him looking at my ass and wondering what to do next. I looked over my shoulder and into his eyes and licked my finger before reaching behind me and pushing my knickers aside, I ran my wet fingers down between my lips and into my pussy.

I was still looking into his eyes as he released his cock from his jeans and approached me. I moved my fingers up from my pussy and inserted one very gently into my ass. Seconds later I felt the head of his cock push into me and I groaned with sheer anticipation.

Two things happened then in quick succession. First I looked out into the street and saw someone had parked a lorry opposite and was watching us, and then he reached around and grabbed my breasts and thrust into me deeply. I felt a warm sensation inside me and without even a second thrust he was empty - and I was full!

Whilst I appreciated the compliment, I felt cheated and I needed to cum too.

The man in the lorry was a little lower than the window so I was not sure what he had seen. I knew he could see something but I was turned on by him watching and wanted him to see more.

I looked behind me and said “I haven’t finished with you. I want you to lick my ass. If you do it well I will reward you”

Removing my bra and knickers and climbing on the desk, my breasts were on full display to our watcher. I knelt up and looking straight out of the window I cupped my breasts and made a real show of letting them swing (they are 32F cup) as I bent over again.

My new lover dutifully started planting little kisses on my butt but as I reached between my legs I felt his tongue brush my anus for the first time. It was my turn to shiver as he started flicking up and down. My fingers were now squelching in the mixture of cum and pussy juice and I brought my hand up to my mouth to smell and taste it.

Whilst my fingers were in my mouth I felt his tongue on my pussy. Afterwards he told me he hadn’t any interest in tasting his own cum but felt he owed it to me. What a gentleman !

He clearly wasn’t having too much of a issue with it though as he really pushed his tongue in and was using his whole mouth to try and massage my pussy and ass to orgasm.

In the lorry I could still see the man watching and I was sure from the flicker of light he was playing with himself. I couldn’t see his face, just a shadow which somehow made it more exciting. Feeling very turned on now, I climbed off the desk and walked to the window. Still facing out I started fingering myself as I told my lover to lie on the table.

He did as he was told and I climbed on him. Ignoring the fact that he was getting hard again in sat on his face and ground my pussy and ass onto his mouth as I looked out of the window.

Riding his tongue whilst squeezing my nipple I finally had my orgasm. To be fair it was prompted by the frequency of the light flickering in the lorry cab getting quicker and the fact that despite being nearly suffocated by his own cum, my man found a free finger and pushed it into my ass at the crucial moment.

Probably my best orgasm ever. I so wish I had taken a picture of all the goo on his face.

2.6 years ago


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    • Now come on this is a whole heap of shit, go to school tomorrow

    • I can see why you would think that but it’s actually true. Not sure what the school reference is. I married the guy and we now have two kids

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